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Science proves that faith helps with healing, says the doctor

Science proves that faith helps with healing, says the doctor


20/12/2021 11:03:44

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Faith cooperates in the process of healing from various diseases. That’s what urologist Jose Jenelson Ribeiro, professor of medicine and spirituality at the Federal University of Fluminense (UFF) says. He points out that this relationship has already been proven by science.

José Ginielson Alves Ribeiro is Professor of Medicine and Spirituality at the Federal University of Fluminense (UFF).

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“It is necessary to look at faith in a rational way, it is a science. Faith creates a psychological mechanism in such a way that it is possible to overcome difficulties, more than a person without faith “explains.

The professor also recalls that there is a specialty in medicine called Psychoneuroimmunobiology, according to which thoughts, emotions and feelings, whether positive or negative, influence biology.

“An American biologist named Bruce Lipton showed that the membrane proteins in our cells act as real antennas that pick up physical, chemical or biological messages and transmit these messages to our genetic code, which produces structural proteins or enzymes that modify our chemical reactions,” he states.

The doctor confirms that there is research confirming that the practice of prayer helps people to improve.

“A survey showed that when the congregation prayed for ICU patients, even without their knowledge, the recovery was better. It constitutes a high vibration, that is, the desire to help send the message, which, in one way or another, creates an information field that benefits patients,” he said. Says.

There is a relationship that condemns, the prayer of the people, the chain of prayer that affects healing. This is not religion, this is science. It is an important paradigm shift,” he adds.

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According to physician Otilio Canuto, who works in the intensive care unit of the Evangelical Hospital in Vila Velha, it is recognized through medicine that optimistic patients, who think positively, have a better prognosis.

“So, faith has a factor that contributes to improvement. The patient tends to fight more, to believe more. In doing so, he produces less adrenaline, the body reacts to the disease, and often has better results.”

Dr. Diane Dalcomon, of Reddy Meridional, says the most modern and humanistic view of the ICU encourages and favors the practice of faith and religiosity. “We need to work with the patient as a whole. This includes faith and practice that condemns him and has a positive effect.”