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Science minister argues Europe should 'attract' students from around the world - The Observer

Science minister argues Europe should ‘attract’ students from around the world – The Observer

The Minister of Science, Technology and Higher Education defended on Wednesday that the future of innovation in Europe depends on it Attracting people from all over the world to the old continent to receive their education in universities.

“Many other parts of the world may not be able to provide quality education for everyone, so it is also the time to open up our educational institutions and to attract citizens from all over the world to come to Europe, especially to train them. Innovation,” Manuel Heitor said in an online discussion organized by the European Commission on Research and innovation.

The minister stressed that a model for “Universities without borders“To Europe so that it is the continent”A global player who attracts and retains talentThe demographics of Europe, particularly when compared to the rest of the world, show a clear trend of aging, not only in the south but everywhere. He noted that this contrasts with Africa’s demography.

Manuel Heitor considered it necessary to consider demographic-adapted training, and to invest in additional lifelong training for adults, Want to learn new skills, or to enhance what they already have.

He said that “the best way to improve and increase the number of researchers in Europe, especially those associated with innovation, is to It is to improve research careers“Deepening cooperation agreements between different institutions.

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