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“Science is the map of transformation,” highlights Bahian biomedicine Jacqueline Goes in a talk at II ESG Forum

“Science is the map of transformation,” highlights Bahian biomedicine Jacqueline Goes in a talk at II ESG Forum

May 30, 2023

Carolina Cerqueira

Carolina Cerqueira is a journalist, studying for her MA in Communication and Digital Culture and writing for Alô Alô Bahia

Bahian Biomedical Jacqueline goes, a member of the team that sequenced the SARS-CoV-2 genome just 24 hours after the first case was confirmed in Brazil, was one of the speakers at the opening of the II Salvador ESG Forum. Work began on Tuesday evening (30th) in the port of Salvador. The event continues on Wednesday (31), with several lectures and discussion sessions. During her opening speech, after receiving a standing ovation from the audience when she took to the stage, Jacqueline pointed out how the ESG acronyms are related and the role of science in the field.

Highlights of Biomedicine Scientific discoveries, in the most diverse fields, lie in the practices adopted by companies, which must ally themselves with science to be able to embark on the path of preserving the planet, and thus prosperity..

“Science shows how we can minimize environmental impact. And on the social front, it allows us to better understand the complexities of societies so that we can make informed decisions to achieve inclusion, diversity and equality. In the area of ​​governance, science shows the importance of effective management, always based on ethical decisions “.

“Science is the map for transformation,” Jacqueline adds. “If we want a better world, we need to open the doors to science.”

But she also recognizes that science needs to open doors to society, recognizing that this connection may be the region’s greatest challenge, along with resource scarcity.

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“The biggest challenge today here in Brazil to link science to ESG practices, in my opinion, is the resources needed to develop ideas into practice. We are fighting science and the ideal is to achieve the development of technologies as well. We do have initiatives, but most of them are in universities and we still fail to connect universities with the community itself. They need to network outside because we are working for the community,” Jacqueline noted in an interview with Alô Alô Bahia moments before the event started.

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Photos: Elias Dantas and Jefferson Peixoto/Allo Bahia.