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"Science is not the Bible, there is no certainty"

“Science is not the Bible, there is no certainty”

“Science is not the Bible. If someone tells you they are sure, don’t believe it.” Professor Giuseppe Rimuzi, Director of the Mario Negri Institute, expresses himself this way for In Onda, answering questions about the Covid epidemic, while the lights are turned on in the Omicron variant. In Italy “the curve is slowing down. The peak may be in a few weeks, but not necessarily. There may be stabilization and now we have an increase in cases and hospitalizations, but the percentage increase is less than we have a reasonable hope that things will at least start.” to stabilize within two weeks.

“It’s a reasonable hope: If someone in the field tells you to be sure, don’t believe it. Science is not the Bible, and we don’t have a rigid position. It’s very dynamic and today I learned things that I didn’t know yesterday. Science works like that. In the beginning, many of us said that The virus does not change, but it changes a lot. It was initially said that a heterogeneous vaccination would be a mess, and now we know that the response of the immune system is much stronger,” he says again.

We will soon start vaccinating children. “Children between the ages of 5 and 11 should be vaccinated, and they don’t risk anything with the vaccine,” he says. Nearly 5 million children have been vaccinated between the United States, Cuba and Israel, and there is no need to worry. “

“It is very difficult to make predictions, but I can say that this virus will be with us for the next couple of years. It can basically harm vulnerable people, but it will become less dangerous and become one of the coronaviruses that we know about.”

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