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science for kids

science for kids

It is a management event not to be missed. The proceeds of science are delivered from February 5th to the city’s three media libraries. Some important events dedicated to the scientific culture of all generations will be organized on the theme of arts and sciences.

On Saturday 5th and Wednesday 19th February, workshops will be held in the media libraries of François Rabelais and Robert Doisneau – aimed at children from 6 years old – dedicated to Leonardo da Vinci, arts and sciences in general and optical illusions. “The goal is for children to have fun while learning science”Identifies Valerie Mossos, who is responsible for mediating the Multimedia Library Network.

On Saturday, February 12, artist Philip UG will lead a pop-up workshop (3D map) at the Robert Duesnow Media Library. Let’s learn how to create a popup card inspired by the paintings of artist Victor Vasarely says the artist.

Finally, for children aged 14 and over and adults, the documentary “Rêver le futur; Fashion for the Future” at François Rabelais Mediateca on Saturday, February 12, at 4 p.m. This series takes the viewer to the horizon of 2050, meeting the dreamers who are already building the future, across the planet. Exhibit with the Society for Science and Television.

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In 3 media libraries in the city
Information and reservations by phone 01 40 85 66 47; 01 40 85 60 37 or 01 40 85 60 68.