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Science fair discusses alternatives to feeding children

Science fair discusses alternatives to feeding children

Today the Institute of Pure and Applied Mathematics (Impa) celebrates its 15th anniversary with new projects, such as the construction of a new building Campus Offering an undergraduate course in mathematics. The new institute area will be on land adjacent to Campus In the neighborhood of Jardim Botânico, in the southern region of Rio de Janeiro, it will seek to merge with the original forest of the place.

Construction has begun and I have no doubts that there is a new one Campus It will raise the scientific and social contribution of Impa to a whole new level”, says Impa’s General Director, Marcelo Viana.

a Campus The current will continue to work. The attached new space, due to be completed by 2025, will include offices for researchers, classrooms, a 213-seat auditorium, classrooms, computer labs, a data processing center, and a reading room, as well as student housing. .

The baccalaureate course will be offered in partnership with the city government, in the port area, and will allow access for 100 to 120 students per year, and is scheduled to start in the second half of 2023. Today, Impa offers postgraduate (Masters and PhD) courses and free courses.

“We will offer a bachelor’s degree program in Applied Mathematics in an environment of innovation, which the city government is promoting in the city centre,” Viana explains.

Impa’s other project is to increase its collaboration and transfer sports technology to the productive sector, through Centro Pi, the Institute’s Enterprise and Innovation Center.

Another important challenge is the popularization of Math Olympiad in the school world. We want to extend the benefits of the Olympic Games to all children in our primary education. This portends a growing presence of Impa in the primary education environment. It is no exaggeration to say that Empa is 70 years old, a young man full of energy, and appears with great will and enthusiasm for the next 70 years of his existence,” says Viana.

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Impa was established on October 15, 1952 and became the first research unit of the National Research Council (CNPq), which had been established a year earlier. Initially, she worked in a room at the headquarters of the Brazilian Center for Physical Research, in Praia Vermelha.

It changed its headquarters several times until, in 1981, it moved to its current campus, in Jardim Botânico. Today, Impa is a social organization associated with the Ministries of Education (MEC) and Science, Technology and Innovation (MCTI).

The missions of the Institute include the promotion of scientific research, the training of researchers and the dissemination of sports culture in Brazil. Among its most popular projects is the Brazilian Public Schools Mathematical Olympiad (Obmep), created in 2005 and implemented in partnership with the Brazilian Mathematical Society (SBM).

Its research team includes scientists from fields such as probability, complex geometry, algebra, fluid dynamics, mathematical economics, computer graphics, and dynamical systems.

Artur Avila, a former student and current researcher in dynamical and dynamic systems, won the Fields Medal, considered the Nobel Prize in Mathematics, in 2014.