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Science explains why cola is better in bottles

Science explains why cola is better in bottles

Coca-Cola is one of the most popular drinks in the world and is famous for its unique and unmistakable taste. However, many people claim that Coca-Cola tastes better when the drink is in a glass bottle rather than a plastic can or bottle. But what is the reason behind this difference in taste?

Although Coca-Cola claims the recipe is the same on all packages, recent research shows that science can explain why the drink tastes different in a glass bottle.

Sarah Resch, founder of the food and packaging consultancy Science by Design, explained that even if Coca-Cola liquid has the same formula for all products, the packaging used to store the drink can affect the taste.

This is because the coating in aluminum cans contains a polymer that is able to absorb small amounts of flavour. In the case of plastic bottles, the bottle material can transfer small chemicals, which can also interfere with the taste of the beverage.

Why does glass Coca-Cola taste better?

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There are several reasons why Coca-Cola tastes better in a glass bottle than in other packaging.

The first reason is that glass is less permeable than other materials such as plastic or aluminum, which means that the drink is less likely to lose carbon dioxide (CO2) during the storage process.

Carbon dioxide is an important component of the taste and texture of Coca-Cola, and excessive consumption of it can affect the quality of the drink.

In addition, glass is inert, which means it does not react chemically with Coca-Cola. On the other hand, some packaging can release chemicals that can affect the taste of the drink.

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