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Science and Technology Week begins this Wednesday (20), in Cabo Frio

Science and Technology Week begins this Wednesday (20), in Cabo Frio

Under the theme “The Holistic Science, Technology and Innovations for the Planet,” the event runs through Friday (22)

Until Friday (22) Cabo Frio will host the Municipal Science, Technology and Innovation Week. The opening ceremony will be on Wednesday (20), at 10 am, in the City Hall, in the presence of Mayor José Bonifacio, and several other authorities, such as the former Minister of Science and Technology and the current President of the Institute of Science, Technology and Innovation from Marica, Celso Bancera.

Established in Cabo Frio by Law No. 2953 of August 29, 2018, the activity will include lectures and discussions on current topics in the innovation scenario. The goal is to promote publishing work, scientific production, technology and innovation in municipal public facilities, as well as to promote educational activities and training of public and professional officials.

The theme of this year’s event will be “The Intersection of Science, Technology and Innovation on Planet Earth”. According to the Deputy Secretary for Science and Technology of Cabo Frio, Rafael Picanha, the activism comes at a critical time for the country, at a time when science is being pushed aside and advice based on science is not taken into account by a large part of the Brazilian population.

“In this moment, where science is questioned and forgotten, it is very important that we celebrate a week dedicated to science, technology and innovation, to talk about exactly how many people, especially in our city, are producing science, fighting against this denial and doing their part to advance and not regress,” Rafael said. Pecanha “There is nothing better than this dark moment to bring back the light of science and glorify the scholars of our city.”

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Also on Wednesday at 6 pm will be broadcast a round table on the topic “Science and the sea (first year of the Ocean Decade)”, with the participation of Marcello Tardelli (Master in Environmental Engineering at IFF); Alex Bastos (Doctor of Sedimentary Dynamics from the University of Southampton and Ph.D. in High Resolution Geophysics at the National Oceanographic Center); Valeria Quaresma (PhD in Sedimentary Dynamics – University of Southampton) and Roberto Ramos (Head of Garbage Mar Sm Project).

On Thursday (21st) at 10 a.m., in partnership with the Department of Education, a virtual university fair will be held, introducing local universities to secondary and primary school students from the Municipal Education Network, through videos produced by the institutions and posted on the official YouTube website at Cabo Frio City Hall.

On Friday (22nd) at 10am, on the last day of the event, another roundtable will be broadcast live on City Hall’s Facebook page, this time with the theme “Women and Girls in Science”, featuring Raisa Monteiro. Poggiali (Master’s in Production, Processes, Spatial and Environmental Dynamics from UFJF and Coordinator of the Architecture and Urbanism Course at Estácio de Sá University); Rosana Rodrigues (Deputy Dean of UENF, PhD in Plant Production at UENF, Postdoctoral in Molecular Biology at the University of Florida), Annabelle del Real Tamarez (PhD in Electrical Engineering in Automation at Campinas State University, Associate Professor at UENF, former Director of the UENF Center Science and Technology at UNF).

At 15:00, the official closing of the event will take place in the city hall. During the activity, the Otime Cardoso dos Santos Diploma will be delivered to the speakers and participants of the round table. In addition, seven outstanding scholars in different fields of knowledge will be honored with the diploma: Luiz Guilherme Scaldaferri; Acioly Jr., Joelton Mendes, Evan Rolas Eduardo Pimenta, Manildo Marciao de Oliveira and Gabriela Avolio.

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Also at the closing ceremony, Professor Yon Nogueira’s medal will be awarded for the largest event in the Cap-Friesian scientific production in 2021. Frio, designed by Tatiana Ribeiro, Physiotherapist and Hospital Rehabilitation Coordinator. The post-Covid sector is the first in the region and in the interior of the state of Rio de Janeiro, and has become a subject of study and research for the production of scientific articles.