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Science and technology: To expand scientific production, Baran will have a network of multi-user laboratories

Science and technology: To expand scientific production, Baran will have a network of multi-user laboratories

In order to increase support for the development of science, technology and innovation in Paraná, the state government will prepare a project for a network of multi-user laboratories, based on existing research structures. The project will be developed by an inter-institutional working group, consisting of members from Parana Institute of Technology (Tecpar), the Public Authority for the Supervision of Science, Technology and Higher Education (Seti) and state universities. The decision to create the group was formalized on Monday (14).

Multi-user laboratories are environments with personnel and facilities available for common use, that provide services to internal and external users of an organization in research and development activities. It is managed by a management committee and should have clear access and usage rules.

Tecpar CEO, Jorge Callado, notes that the measure meets one of the goals of the Paraná government’s multi-year plan, which provides for the implementation of environments that provide a close dialogue between research institutions and the community.

“This is a project that integrates several objectives, such as promoting scientific and technological production, as well as supporting teaching, research and extension activities, and interaction and cooperation between research groups and institutions. In this way, we will promote high-quality innovation in Paraná,” ​​explains Calado.

For Aldo Bona, Superintendent of Science, Technology and Higher Education, Paraná has a strong set of technological assets that should serve society. “These assets, in terms of human resources or physical structures, should target a teamwork perspective. Multi-user laboratories allow us to improve existing structures, avoid duplication of investments, and promote the development of science, technology and innovation across Paraná,” emphasizes Bona.

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“The establishment of this network of laboratories is critical, as it increases the possibility of expanding and qualifying the production of knowledge and service delivery by universities, meeting the needs of Paraná,” highlights Fatima Padoan, Dean of the University of Northern Parana State (UNP) and President of the Paraná Association of Educational Institutions. Higher (Apiesp).

Collection The project developed by the working group will include guidelines, goals, objectives, responsibilities and a plan for applying technical and financial resources and other information related to the implementation of the multi-user laboratory network.

“The focus is on sharing skills and laboratory infrastructure between Tecpar, state universities and other institutions to develop targeted tests for the benefit of Paraná residents,” says Carlos Gomez Pessoa, Tecpar’s Director of Technology and Innovation and coordinator of a working group.

The deadline for completing the work, which should lead to a term of technical cooperation, is 60 days from the date of signing the decision.

Other initiatives Following the direction of Governor Carlos Massa Ratinho Jr., meaning the expression of science, technology and innovation actors in the state, Tecpar and Seti have worked collaboratively on several initiatives.

In March, the institutions announced the creation of a working group to advance research and development of vaccines and immunotherapies in the state. Earlier this month, Tecpar joined the State Network for Science, Technology and Innovation in Public Universities, strengthening the institute’s partnership with the academic community in scientific and technological production.