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Scholarship available to young people at an American university that accepts 1% of applications after being rejected at the age of 19: 'I struggled a lot' |  Santos and Region

Scholarship available to young people at an American university that accepts 1% of applications after being rejected at the age of 19: ‘I struggled a lot’ | Santos and Region

A young man (SB) from Cuba received a scholarship to a university in the United States, which only approves about 1% of applications after being rejected at 19 other institutions in the country. 19-year-old student Gabriel Bio Guerrero said in an interview G1 This Wednesday (28), approval is the fulfillment of a big dream, and it will be the last attempt this year at an accredited university.

“I took 19 rejections and thought it was the end of that line, I got lost. With the support of other Brazilians studying abroad, I discovered this opportunity, it was the last university with open admission. I said ‘it is now or never’, I was very troubled, very popular I was able to get past one, “he recalled.

The student graduated this year from the Federal Institute of S சாo Paulo on the Campus de Cupto School of Technology High School of Information Technology. He was admitted to the Minerva Schools at KGI in San Francisco with an 85% discount. The university received 25,000 applicants from 180 countries by 2020, but only 200 students were selected to join the institution. According to the Kupato Institute, approval is about 1%.

In his first year of high school, Gabrielle says his path began long ago. With the dream of studying at an institution abroad, the student began to think about course activities. In 2018, he developed a reality app that he developed with teachers and colleagues who work in support of the high school book.

Through the project, the group was adopted at five conferences and won the Regional Science Exhibition in the Technology and Innovation category. In 2019, he was able to graduate with a course at Northwest University. With experience, he was able to dedicate himself to a place in universities abroad, and he had projects and student support to promote and guide him in this process.

The first number the boy received was from the Northwest, the university where he took the course. “It was a big disappointment at first, but my family has a goal, namely ‘when you come to plant the good, to reap the good’. I knew I was planting the good, but even so, I doubted myself, I had lost myself, what I was I do not know what to do, “he said.

He later received several denials from other companies. Dividing his time between work, study and the task of applying to universities abroad, he thought of a ‘Plan B’ until he discovered that there was still a company he had not applied to for Minerva schools.

The university follows a different model and offers accommodation in seven countries. Although headquartered in the United States, during graduation, students travel through South Korea, India, Germany, Argentina, the United Kingdom and Taiwan. He dedicated himself with the help of a person who knew about the application for 15 consecutive days, and approval was an achievement, especially due to the high competition.

“In the end, it worked. It’s a relief, you look back and say, ‘Did I fight so hard to hit the post?’ At the age of 45, I passed. It was hard, that feeling in the end, as if I would have won a title in the second half,” he celebrates. .

The young man earns a double degree in computer science and business. Even with the scholarship, he says he will enter into a start-up to find a way to help with expenses while living abroad. He reiterates that the whole process is very elite and that he seeks to help and encourage students who dream of studying in another country while sharing his experience.

Classes begin at the end of August, until which time he devotes himself to work and prepares for the trip. Although the student has always dreamed of leaving the country, he reveals that he wants to return with his degree, start a company and bring the acquired knowledge to Brazil. “My plan and my dream is to be able to open my own company in a technology project,” Gabriel concludes.

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