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Imagem de: Scalebound: Hideki Kamiya pede desculpas pelo cancelamento do jogo

Scalebound: Hideki Kamiya apologizes for canceling the game

Hideki Kamiya, Director of PlatinumGames, I apologize to the players and Microsoft for Cancellation scalepond. The title will be exclusive to X-Box And it was highly anticipated by fans of the brand.

Kamya’s statement can be viewed in a video on the Cutscenes YouTube channel. “scalepond It was a project on which we collaborated with Microsoft,” the manager explained, noting that the company expects a good outcome from the partnership. He continued by saying that the collaboration means Game release on the latest Microsoft platform, which at the time was the Xbox One. He claimed that he wanted to make a sophisticated and realistic project.

The director explained that although it was a personal wish, he felt it necessary for PlatinumGames to improve its development techniques and graphical skills compatible with modern game creation. Always a fan of fantasy, Kamiya decided that her next match would be all about her A boy fighting with a dragon, which turned out to be quite a challenge for the developer.

“We were working in an environment we didn’t know about,” the manager said, revealing Your team didn’t have enough knowledge of Unreal Engine To create a game using online resources. “We weren’t experienced enough,” he admitted.

Kamiya ended the reasoning with “apologizing to the players awaiting the release, as well as to Microsoft, who believed in us as business partners.”

scalepond It was in development between 2013 and 2017, the year it was officially canceled. According to Phil Spencer, Head of Xbox Division, There are no plans to revive the project.

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