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SBT decides who will replace Eliana on Sundays;  See the new station schedule

SBT decides who will replace Eliana on Sundays; See the new station schedule

With an end Eliana program, SBT has a new schedule on Sundays. today, Daniela PerottiThe vice president of the radio station and daughter of Silvio Santos announced the channel’s programming with several new features starting on the 30th of this month.

“Sunday is the most special day at SBT. It all started on Sunday and our relationship with the audience has matured and grown. We fell in love with each other on Sunday. We take extra special care with our Sunday. With your Sunday. SBT couldn’t Of anyone’s choice who doesn’t have our essence and DNA to keep this legacy alive and vibrant Celso has always been a loyal, loyal, committed, disciplined and highly competent person big”.

The channel’s vice president also praised the sisters. “Rebecca made Roda a Roda maintain its essence as Silvio Santos always did, bringing compassion, love, lightness and joy to this program that has been on our channel for many years. Patricia, what can we say about Patricia when you know Patricia’s behind-the-scenes story?… Only those who live with her know how difficult it was to take on this role. It was because of so many tears, missing my father, and the desire to please the public that she always had, and to carry out the program he asked her to do, and today she did what she always did so well. I’m sure our Sunday is full of joy, love, family and energy to give the best to our fans who we love so much. A good Sunday to all!

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Now, Domingo Legal with Celso Portiolli, which starts at 11.15am, will continue until 6.15pm on the channel – earning an additional 2 hours and 45 minutes of screen time. After the programme, Rebecca Abravanel, also Silvio’s daughter, returns to lead Roda a Roda Jequiti, which has gained a new venue.

finally, Patricia AbravanelWhat He took his father’s place in Silvio Santos’ programHe got more screen time, just like Celso. Starting next Sunday, instead of 8pm, the traditional program starts at 7pm, with a new addition to the schedule: the return of dating on TV. See the ad here.

Eliana will be honored on Silvio Santos’ show on Sunday

At 8 pm on Sunday, Eliana will be honored in the “Artists Room” during the Silvio Santos Program “Freshman Showcase” with Patricia Abravanel.

“We will honor the path of personalities who have marked the history of the artistic world, and experience immersion in the lives and careers of famous guests. Our first guest of honor will be Ileana. She is beautiful and exciting,” said the SBT owner’s daughter.

During the program, Patricia apologized to Ileana, and the blonde burst into tears. He reportedly said: “On behalf of the entire Abravanel family, I ask for your forgiveness, Ileana,” according to Fabia Oliveira, of Metropolis. However, Silvio Santos’s daughter later requested that this part be removed from the edition. At first, Illyana was upset, but then she understood.

New challenges

Last May, O Globo newspaper highlighted this Ileana enters the attention of TV Globo to headline the new “Video Show”.. Neither the announcer nor the announcer confirmed this information.

Moreover, Ileana’s comment may have led to her moving to the rival channel. “Ileana, I hope you will be very successful on TV Globo. Your moment has come, blonde. New challenges. You will shine a lot!”, one person wrote, to which Ileana replied: “Thank you very much.” but, WArlos Alberto de Nobrega denied that she would go to Globo.

“Ileana will not go to Globo yet, I guarantee it. We are friends. She is considering the possibilities. For the record, it will not happen. Not even to the band,” the “A Praça é Nossa” presenter commented in an interview with the newspaper Folha de São Paulo.