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SBT announcer rejects RecordTV's tempting offer

SBT announcer rejects RecordTV’s tempting offer

Even the salary increase didn’t make the SBT announcer agree to switch stations

Presenter Felipe Malta almost never signed with RecordTV for the “DF no Ar” order. According to information from TV Pop, the SBT announcer was the consumer’s dream in competition. The problem is that after everything was redirected, the journalist decided to go back.

According to the publication, the irrevocable contract included an increase in salary, as well as fees for promotion work carried out in the program.

Felipe told close friends that he decided to decline the offer because he was loyal to Silvio Santos, highly regarded by in-house executives, running attractions in Brasilia and still part of the SBT Brasil provider’s shift on weekends and holidays.

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In fact, Philip did not propose to SBT a salary increase, because he received a generous offer from the competition. With a refusal, Record, then, decides to call Nella Medeiros.

SBT . projects

On vacation in the United States, Silvio Santos is only thinking about increasing the broadcaster’s audience and plans to invest in a new attraction. This is the reality show Naked Attraction, which has been produced by British Channel 4 since 2016.

The attraction consists of men and women who need to arrange dates, but choose their partners completely naked. There are six participants who remain behind the windows without clothes, and the guest cancels the suggestions. Finally, with the choice of his companion, the guest is finally able to see his face.

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However, Silvio fears that the attraction will further alienate the audience from his station. For this, Richard Faun warned that it is a globally successful attraction, which was produced by eight countries and could do well, depending on the time of the exhibition.

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