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Sao Paulo will have 14,000 tickets for South America, but the load may increase - 09/09/2022

Sao Paulo will have 14,000 tickets for South America, but the load may increase – 09/09/2022

The Conmebol administration will initially reserve 28,000 tickets for this Sao Paulo Independiente del Valle (Ecuador) sell out to their fans in the final Cuba Sudamericana – 14,000 per club. The match is scheduled to take place on October 1 at Mario Kempes Stadium in Cordoba, Argentina. Which will have a maximum available capacity of 57,000 seats. Prices should be announced next week.

However, there is a possibility that this burden will increase for São Paulo. The internal assessment in CONMEBOL is that there will be a greater demand from Brazilians for tickets, so there are two situations that could happen:

1) Conmebol will allocate a portion of tickets for local fans to São Paulo – the entity will keep the 29,000 for sale in Cordoba and those for sponsors and partners, as well as the blocked seats for the hospitality areas (boxes). This option will depend on the purchase order from the Argentines.

2) With the permission of Del Valle, allocate a portion of tickets for Ecuadoreans to São Paulo. The estimate is that it is possible that the Ecuadorean club will not sell its entire stake, but this scenario will become clear only a few days before the match.

The 2022 final in South America will initially be held at Mané Garrincha in Brasilia. The Brazilian Football Confederation informed CONMEBOL in June that it would be impossible to hold the match on October 1, on the eve of Brazil’s general elections. At the end of May, the Federal District government informed the Brazilian Confederation that it could not guarantee the security of the CONMEBOL event because public agents would already be assigned to protect the elections. It was suggested that the match not be played in Brasilia on this date.

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With no calendar to change the day of the final, CONMEBOL decided to change the location, promising Brazil that Mane Garrincha would host the Sudamericana final in 2023. Córdoba’s choice, according to the column, was CONMEBOL’s revenge on the city that agreed to host the final of the 2020 edition of Sudamericana, In January 2021, at the height of the pandemic, she suffered a loss because she could not sell tickets.

Another reason for choosing Mario Kempes is that the stadium underwent renovations to the lawn, lighting, dressing room and press in 2021 because it will host the Copa America matches. However, the Argentine government abandoned the organization due to the epidemic – the competition was held in Brazil. There is little money to spend on mods to receive the showdown.