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Sao Paulo line-up: “Xodo de Ceni” arrives with a guaranteed place in the starting line-up; See who can stop at the bank

Hard water on hard stone, it hits so hard that it cuts through. No common saying has been used of this quality in a Sao Paulo How much now, when the Morumbi club agreed to take David on loan from Internacional.

That’s right, the 26-year-old striker who arrived, after paying R$1.2m on loan and another $4m fixed under economic rights, did not impress the tricolor’s fans on social networks. But he didn’t have to. David has the support of those who really matter: coach Rogero Ceni.

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If for almost three months the journalists were constantly reporting the coach’s insistence on the ‘xodó’ apparatus, with which he worked together in Cruzeiro and Fortaleza, the São Paulo jokes about the information turned into statements after the coach repeated in the two interviews given this year that I wanted David. And the operation of his scheme depends on the presence of the attacker.

the Throw! I found that these weren’t just the formalities of a trainer who had gained notoriety for his “honest killing” in press conferences. There is a sincere admiration from Ceni for David. He has great confidence in his work.

Striker is not yet approved by Tricolor at the end of this report. It must happen on a Wednesday (18th) morning, when the papers are hastily sent to the CBF in hopes that your name will appear until Thursday (19th) morning in the BID (Daily Newsletter). Everything so that he is already on the field at 7:30 pm (Brasilia time), against Ferroviária, in Araraquara (SP). Another effort by the man who, if he doesn’t sigh from the stands, at least leaves the coach’s work cobbled more.

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David arrives in Morumbi as his trusted man. He should be a complete starter and change the pieces of Sao Paulo’s plate once and for all after a disappointing 0-0 debut against Ituano on Sunday (15), in the first appearance of the year.

It’s almost common knowledge in the halls that David will be the down-to-speed guy the boss kept asking for even after the six pre-signed reinforcements. This is on the left. On the right, Wellington Rato will be retained, making his debut. Both with a mission to serve Calleri.

But what about comfort? There the feud begins. Luciano made his debut in jersey number 10. If not the vaunted playmaker, he was the spearhead. As in the past, he bonds with Pablo Maya, Nestor, and the attack. did not work. ‘xodó’, one of the crowd, hit his head and didn’t find much of his space on the court.

For this reason he appears to be the frontrunner to lose his place in the starting 11 to David’s entry. Especially since Pedrinho, another new face in Morumbi, despite his excessive personality, has been praised by Ceni and can play the role of Luciano, as he has already done in other clubs, such as América-MG, where he was before being sold to Russian football.

All this, however, should only appear on Sunday (19), in the classics against Palmeiras. Ceni’s idea is to take a mixed line-up to Araraquara, thinking of avoiding wear and tear in one of Sao Paulo’s most important duels each season starting in recent years. He is waiting and seeing what he can achieve on the pitch.

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