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Sao Paulo agrees to a contract to finance the renovation of CT in Barra Fonda

Sao Paulo agrees to a contract to finance the renovation of CT in Barra Fonda

São Paulo has agreed to a contract with the multinational beverage company Ambev, the sum of which will be used to finance the renovation of the club’s CT (training center) in the Barra Funda neighborhood, in São Paulo. In addition to the training venue, the complex also has accommodations that serve as a hub for players on the eve of matches.

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The approval was supported by the vast majority of Council members present in the voting session held on Friday (17). It was one of the few peaceful points raised by the advisory board in a week of political debate for the club.

A large number of opposition advisers to the administration of President Julio Casares voted in favor of the measure. In total, there were 184 votes in favour, 4 against and 2 abstentions, with a total of 96.84% approval. The session dealt with three other contracts with suppliers to be considered by members of the Board of Directors.

After a short-lived sporting season in football, despite winning the Campeonato Paulista title, the club is having a moment to review the team and look for reinforcements, but without much room for investment.

In terms of the team, the trend is that Sao Paulo will end up shedding more than just signing players for the 2022 season.

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