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São José launches “Science is Show” with news at MIC

São José launches “Science is Show” with news at MIC

The Museum of Interactive Science (MIC) reopens its doors on Friday (1) full of news for the public and with the “Science is a Show” proposition, offering visitors new learning in a fun, rejuvenating environment.

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The MIC will be reopened on Friday (1) evening in a ceremony in the presence of authorities, teachers, guests and a special presence of 30 students from EJA (Education of Youth and Adults).


Among the changes to the museum spaces are new interactive experiences on the ground floor, with optical illusions, examples of energy generation, and more. The reconfigured and expanded Tunnel of Sensations allows visitors to see themselves from different angles and mirrors.

To tour the upper floors, the public will be invited to travel toward knowledge by entering the nave mounted on an elevator. The Life Room, on the second floor, displays a chronology of the evolution of terrestrial life on high-resolution screens.

One of the most prominent features of the museum is the planetarium, which allows every visitor to have a new experience surrounded by curiosity and knowledge about astronomical phenomena.

An astronaut totem was also installed at MIC with a 3D reproduction of the hands of two astronauts who were in São José dos Campos in July for the international SSP23 event.

Come to the mic

With the aim of stimulating interest in the study of science and promoting a better understanding of its visitors about the nature and use of science and technology for the benefit of humanity, Casa do Saber Marechal Aviador Casimiro Montenegro Filho, popularly known as MIC, follows the format of Projeto Catavento, in São Paulo, and contains modern, interactive and fun installations to expand knowledge about Science and human discoveries.

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Tuesday through Friday with sessions at 8am, 10am, 1pm and 3pm

Saturdays, 9 a.m. to 1 p.m

Make reservations in advance via the City Hall website.

Entry is free and each session lasts two hours.