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Santos wins Atlético Go and continues to fight for Libertadores

Santos wins Atlético Go and continues to fight for Libertadores

Atlético jo And Santos played an exciting match at the Antonio Axioli stadium, today (2), for the thirty-fifth round of Brazilian, with the right to five goals. Pixie won the match 3-2 with a goal in injury time.

As a result, Santos still dreams of entering the G8 in the final stage of the Brazilian in search of a vacancy Editors. The team has 46 points – five points less than Sao Paulo, which is currently closing the classification zone. As for Atlético-GO, the defeat hampered the team’s plans to try out Z4.

Game timeline

Atlético-Go could have opened the scoring 3 minutes into the first half, had it not been for Joao Paulo’s superb defense. Barallas finished off with a header, after a move from Wellington Rato, but the goalkeeper kept the danger away.

Renan shines from the other side

If Joao Paulo avoided the Atletico-Go goal, then Renan did the same on the other side. At 7, in a high ball in the area after a free kick, Bowermann finished with a header for a good defense by the Dragon goalkeeper. Soon, Sanchez took a corner and Carparajal also rode his head to finish the match. Once again Renan shone and saved the home team.

Marcus Leonardo opened the recording

In the 19th minute, Angelo raised the ball in the area on the right.

Defense helps, dragon relationships

Santos’ defense wobbled and Atletico were free to equalise. Crossing Shaylon into the area, Prallhas pinned his chest to Diego Churin, who arrived shooting to leave everything even.

Atlético-GO insists and turns

At 38, Jefferson crossed low into the area, and Joao Paulo tried to capture it, but it did not go well. She left the ball at the feet of Luiz Fernando, who just pushed it to the back of the goal.

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And Anderson hesitates, Santos equalizes

Defender Anderson missed the ball from Atletico Joe, and Angelo did not forgive him. The Santos player went to fight and the ball was left to Lucas Braga who sent it into the net to tie the match.

Atletico insist, but jumps to Joao Paulo

Needing the score at home to move up the table, Atlético continued to attack. At 21, Dodo invaded the area, made a good single move, and finished, but Joao Paulo avoided the goal with another good defense.

Marcos Leonardo shines and Santos wins in the end

In the 48th minute of the final stage, Camacho fired Marcos Leonardo who pulled the counter-attack. Renan left the goal poorly after the confusion between the defenders and the striker moved to Lucas Barbosa, who pushed her into the goal.

Atlético-Go match: initiative and pressure

The hosts have already entered the field trying to suggest the game. So much so that he had his first big chance at the start. Dragon raised more players on the side of the field, especially on the left, with Wellington Rato.

Santos match: Calm on the counter-attack

It is clear that Santos tried to play on the opponent’s mistake to reach the goal on the counter-attack. However, a bit sluggish midfield at times hampered Santos’ strategy.

Who did well: Marcos Leonardo (Santos)

He scored the first goal of the match and was instrumental in the counterattack that awarded Bixe the victory.

Who was bad: Anderson (Atlético Joe)

Swings the ball out, leveling Santos’ goal. After the bid, the stands did not tolerate and the player was booed by Dragon fans.

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data sheet:
Atletico Joe 2 x 3 Santos

Competition: Round 35 of Brazil
Date: November 2, 2021 (Wednesday)
Location and time: Antonio Accioli, in Goiania (GO), 7 p.m. (from Brasilia)
Rule: Anderson Daronko (FIFA / Russia)
Auxiliaries: Rafael da Silva Alves (FIFA / Russia) and Michael Stanislaw (Russia)
Video Assistant Referee: Rodrigo Delonso Ferreira (SC)
cards: Gabriel Barallas, Jefferson, Churin (Atlético Joe); Sanchez and Sandri (Santos)
Objectives: Churín (ATL), at 28′, and Luis Fernando (ATL), at 38 minutes into the first half; Marcos Leonardo (San), in the 19th minute of the first half, Lucas Braga (San(At 6′ Lucas Barbosa)San), at 48 minutes into the second half.

ATHLETIC-GO: Renan. Dudu (Lucas Lima), Lucas Gazelle, Anderson & Jefferson; Marlon Freitas, Gabriel Paralhas and Wellington Rato; Shaylon (Jorginho), Chorin and Luiz Fernando (Leo Pereira). Technical: Eduardo Ribeiro.

the Saint: John Powell; Nathan (Vinicius Balero), Eduardo Bowerman, Alex (Louise Phillipe), and Felipe Jonathan; Camacho, Carlos Sanchez (Vinicius Zanusillo) and Carabjal (Sandri); Angelo (Lucas Barbosa), Lucas Braga and Marcos Leonardo. Technical: Orlando Ribeiro.