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Santos performances: Marcos Leonardo and Lucas Barbosa shine in victory over Iguato | saints

Leonardo Marcos: decisive when necessary. Scored two goals after assists from Lucas Lima and Angelo. But he piled up missed chances, especially in the second half. Grade: 8.0.

Santos 3 x 0 Iguatu-CE – Highlights – Copa do Brasil second stage

Lucas Barbosa: The striker was one of Peixe’s main offensive weapons. He scored the first goal, which gave more calm to saints After a balanced start to the game. In the second half, he created more chances for his teammates to finish the game, but the goal didn’t come out. He was replaced by Angelo. Grade: 7.0.

Lucas LimaHe continues as the team’s main goalkeeper. After the timid performance against Corinthians and Itoano, the midfielder reappeared well on the field, setting up the first goal for Marcos Leonardo. He was replaced by Miguelito at the end of the match. NB: 7.5.

Santos players before the match against Iguato – Photo: Raul Barreta/Santos

View player ratings saints:

  • John Powell [GOL]: 6.5
  • John Lucas [LAD]: 6.0
    (Nathan [LAD]: 5.5)
  • The messiah [ZAG]: 6.5
  • Edward Borman [ZAG]: 6.5
  • Philip Jonathan [LAE]: 6.5
  • Rodrigo Fernandez [VOL]: 6.0
    (Camacho [VOL]: 6.5)
  • wormy [VOL]: 7.0
  • Lucas Lima [MEC]: 7.5
    (Miglito [MEC]: no note)
  • Lucas Barbosa [ATA]: 7.0
    (Angelo [ATA]: 7.0)
  • Leonardo Marcos [ATA]: 8.0
  • Lucas Braga [ATA]: 6.5
    (Daniel Ruiz [MEC]: 6.0)

“Santos only won because he opened the scoring right away,” says Isabelle of Voice of the Crowd

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