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Santos offers land bid by CT and offers a percentage of player sales as guarantee |  saints

Santos offers land bid by CT and offers a percentage of player sales as guarantee | saints

the Santos I contacted the Secretary for Heritage of the Union (SPU) to try to purchase the land where CT Rei Pelé is currently installed.

This information was revealed by President Andres Rueda during the meeting of the Board of Deliberations last Tuesday.

The union is the owner of the land. The agent did not disclose the values, but stressed that management wants to end the uncertainty and risk of losing the space where the Alfinegro training center is located, in the Jabaquara neighborhood, in Santos.

– We have done an actual appraisal of the property. By law, we have the possibility to claim a 25% discount on the total value of the property because it is subject to a lien. We put all of this together and handed it over to the Public Prosecution Office and the Counter-Terrorism Unit. Enough of trading. We want to buy the land, we submitted the proposal and asked for a deadline for payment.

According to Rueda, SPU initially showed no interest. This is because, in the agency’s opinion, Peixe made no guarantees that it would honor payments. To enter into an agreement, President Peixe then offered 10% of the athletes’ total sales until the debt was paid.

– We made a fun card. We offer, in addition to the monthly installments payable, 10% of the total sales of players made by the club up to the deduction of the value of the land. It would hurt us, but 10% we could pass. If we continue, on the historical side of our sales, it could be in five or eight years. Then we can say that CT belongs to Santos and pass this uncertainty that we have every year.

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CT King Pelé Santos – Photo: Gabriel dos Santos

New CT for male and female base

Rueda also spoke about the establishment of a new training center for the male and female base. Today, the teams are divided between field 1 of CT Rei Pelé and CT Meninos da Vila, located in the Saboó district, in Santos.

The agent did not disclose where the new CT scanner was installed. But, she said, the project includes three football fields (one of them is for the female category), a residence area, a cafeteria, a gym and a health department.

In addition, the site will have an extension to be able to serve teams from abroad. In Rueda’s view, this could generate a new source of income for the club.

– It’s something we’ve seen and used outside and decided to bring it. We will be able to exchange with teams from Asia, Europe and America. They will train with Al Qaeda. This is of course charged. It’s a club recipe. This also makes it easier for us to get investors to finance the construction of this new technology centre.

Rueda’s idea is that the structure also contains a gym to strengthen the futsal. The President sees this category as key to developing new promises. According to him, 80% of the “rays” of Santos are formed in futsal.