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Santos fans protest after the match against Novorthentino |  saints

Santos fans protest after the match against Novorthentino | saints

Members saints He protested in front of Villa Belmiro after the 2-2 draw with Novorzontino, Sunday, over the Paulista Championship.

The demonstration was directed specifically at the board of directors. In shouts of order, fans demanded reinforcements and questioned the club’s policy of paying debts and avoiding spending too much on signings.

The protest was followed by discontent from the fans inside the stadium. Once the game was over, fans booed and called saints Unabashed team.

Santos fans protesting at Villa Belmiro – Photo: Reproduction

Without winning three games in Paulistau, he was saints He left the classification area for the knockout stage and is third in Group D. Marcelo Fernandes, in his last match as interim coach, defended the Peixe players and warned that reinforcements were needed.

– The team is full of children, everyone is working hard. But there is an aspect of vacillation and anxiety. Not many people are ready for the leap of wearing a shirt saints. It will help a lot in their maturation. How many times have we seen several succeed here? Marcelo Fernandez said they were with more experienced players.

– Everything that happened to the club last year, transport ban (FIFA penalty). It all affected, it’s a chain. Children are good, but they need players who support them, and distrust removes. I just have to thank the group. Everyone is loyal.”

– I don’t have to say any (needed) positions. I mean in general you have to have players that add to these kids. It’s a job for the board of directors, they’ll do better. Bustos will get to know the group, see the needs, to see what can be done to get the best out of the kids.

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