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Santos and Sport tied 0-0 in an uninspiring match at Arena Pernambuco - 10/17/2021

Santos and Sport tied 0-0 in an uninspiring match at Arena Pernambuco – 10/17/2021

In the middle of the second half, striker Marinho managed to overcome a midfield error. He would hit straight, of course. Match 1 narrator Rembrandt Jr warned: “Are we going to get a random little rocket?” Santos ran and kicked and the ball hit the barrier.

The scene above summarizes the 0-0 draw between Santos and Sport in the 27th round of the Brazilian First Division, today (17), at the Arena Pernambuco, in São Lourenço da Mata: a match without much inspiration, with a lot of defense. And the risk of the moves is minimal – except for two moves in which Jandry, who was playing for the first time for Santos, made a good save.

With the added point, the lion continues in the drop zone, occupying the eighteenth place, adding only 27 points. On the other hand, Pixie has moved up one place in the table and is now 15th with 29 points, one point behind the opening Juventud.

In the next round, on Saturday (23rd), at 9 p.m., Santos will host América-MG, in village Palmero, on Monday (25), at 9:30 pm, will face Sport Palmeiras, at the Allianz Parque.

All went well: Camacho was a key link

A key player in the Santos match, Guilherme Camacho was responsible for making the most connections between defense and Santos’ attack, and he managed to maintain a steady rhythm of getting into the Sport’s goal and not missing a single ball. The tour passed and he searched for it as well, but the midfielder suffered a lack of access to the players responsible for the attack, who charged during an interview with SporTV at halftime.

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Bad: Marcus Guilherme insists on being wrong and is replaced

Marcus Guilherme, of Santos, wasn’t on his best night and lost seven balls in a head-to-head feud with opponents. The balls resulted in some serious plays for the sport that could easily lead to a goal. Due to errors, he was replaced by coach Fabio Carrill who put Maddson in his place.

Jandrei appeared with his right hand

Goalkeeper Jandrei made a good appearance for Santos in today’s match, as he managed to save twice that could have led to the team’s defeat in the rival area. Hired by the club in August, he replaced archer Joao Paulo, who is suspended after receiving his third yellow card against Atletico MG, last Wednesday (13), in Belo Horizonte. Jandrei has not played in an official match as a starter since October 14, 2020, the match that Athletico-PR defended against. Corinthians.

Sports betting hashtag to avoid surprises

Liao took advantage of the heavy defenses in Santos’ attack, prioritizing striker Marinho, to avoid surprise. Monitoring was getting tighter while Marinho and the other Pixie players were still breathing. Recife changed their stance when they noticed that Santos’ defense was a bit confused on some occasions and started to attack more with Marcao, Jose Willison and Mikael, but neither the midfielder nor the strikers had an inspiring night to score.

Fish stopped with a lion sign

Peixe had a slow tempo for much of the game, sagging and cornering the sport’s defenses, providing creative difficulty and few chances for Marineno to emerge. The face of the match changed slightly only in the last minutes of the first stage, when a ball on the crossbar cheered the Santos players. But the intensity of the match waned again in the first minutes of the second stage, allowing Sport to penetrate more into the Santos defense, who failed to communicate well in the match and did not conceded a goal due to a defect by Liao.

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Sport tried to open the scoring with a quick counter-attack with Gustavo Oliveira in the 17th minute. In terms of Pixie, the only good chance during the first half was a shot from the crossbar from Lucas Braca, at 41. On the way back to the second stage, Sport increased the intensity of the match and sent it to Santos two minutes later. , with Jose Willison, who is back to attack again on the 24th, with Mikael and 45, with Paulinho Mucklen.

Show a duel between Sport and Santos at Arena Pernambuco

Photo: Paulo Paiva/Agive

Sports move home until the end of the Brazilian League

The match against Santos was the sport’s first in the “new home”. Due to difficulties in keeping Ilha do Retiro, Recife’s Red-Black team will play at Arena Pernambuco until the end of the season. The board of directors will need a significant investment to adapt to the rules and restrictions imposed by the Pernambuco government and the Brazilian Football Confederation, which have been ignored by the club. The lion has already played the role of the home team in matches against Fortaleza, Juventus and Corinthians

data sheet
Sport 0×0 Santos

data: 10/17/2021
Sweetened: Arena Pernambuco, São Lourenço da Mata (PE)
hour: 8:30 pm (Brazilia)
yellow cards: Carlos Sanchez (Santos), Madson (Santos), Wagner Leonardo (sport), Sander (sport).

sports: Melson, Orthon, Sabino, Rafael Terry, Sander, Zee Willison, Marcao, Luciano Juba (Paulinho Muclin), Gustavo (Trellez), Everaldo (Leandro Barquia), Micael. idiomatic: Gustavo Florentine.

Santos: Yandri, Danilo Poza, Velazquez, Wagner (Philip Jonatan), Marcos Guilherme (Madson), Camacho, Vinicius Zanucillo, Carlos Sanchez (Luis Enrique), Lucas Braga, Marinho (Angelo) and Raniel (Diego Tardelli). idiomatic: Fabio Carrill.