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San Francisco 49ers defeat the Dallas Cowboys |  Football

San Francisco 49ers defeat the Dallas Cowboys | Football

The San Francisco 49ers are still alive in the NFL Playoffs. The California team defeated the Dallas Cowboys on the Wildcard Tour by 23-17 and earned the rating, eliminating the Texas. Deebo Samuel was the lead for the Niners once again, with 102 yards and two touchdowns.

Jimmy Garoppolo and Dak Prescott, quarterbacks for the 49ers and Cowboys respectively, didn’t do well. It was 172 yards and one interception for Garoppolo and 215 yards, touchdown and interception for Duck.

Elijah Mitchell scores first touchdown of the match – Photo: Tom Pennington / Getty Images

San Francisco is ahead and already knows who will be the contender on the divisional round, the equivalent of the quarter-finals: the Green Bay Packers. The team with the best record in NFC, Aaron Rodgers’ team, was eliminated in the first round.

Good start but short

The match started perfectly for the San Francisco 49ers. The team ran well with the ball, made an exciting first run and ended with the relegation of Elijah Mitchell, and ran to the right side of the attack.

If the Niners’ offense started off well, the same couldn’t be said for the Cowboys. The pressure from the San Francisco team was working very well on top of Dak Prescott who forced the punt in the first possession. The gap rose to 13 when Ruby Gold scored two field goals at straight property.

Nick Bosa started the match well, but suffered a concussion – Photo: Richard Rodriguez / Getty Images

The 49ers extended the lead with another FG from Gould, his third in the afternoon, bringing the gap back into possessions. These were the nine forward points that the visiting team took to the dressing rooms.

The Cowboys’ response was emphatic and showed the full offensive potential of this talented team. In the third and sixth round, Dak Prescott hit a fine pass to Amary Cooper in the final zone to make the game 13-06.

press and hold

The third quarter began with defensive control of the two attacks. Neither team was immediately able to produce. But a fatal mistake by Dak Prescott gave the 49ers who needed a chance.

QB was intercepted while still in defense and the opponent’s attack was already on the field with a superb positioning. On the first offensive play, Deebo Samuel received a delivery and ran into the end zone to put 23×07 on the scoreboard.

But Jimmy Garoppolo tried to bring the Cowboys back into the game. After winning 23-10 and with possession of the ball to kill the game, the quarterback was intercepted in a horrific pass and breathed new life into Dallas.

Duck knew how to make the most of the opportunity he got. In a pass game, Duck saw no one free, ran out of the pocket and ran into the end zone, making the gap only six points with 7 minutes left.

The Cowboys had the chance to turn, but on the fourth and tenth, Prescott risked a deep pass and Cedric Wilson couldn’t catch the ball. With the ball, the Niners made a series of fouls and returned the ball in the 30s to the Cowboys.

Dallas tried the miracle, but after Duck ran with 14 seconds, the team couldn’t change position and altitude in time and let the clock tick. 49ers win at 23-17.

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