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Samurai vs Science in Preview Episode 226

Samurai vs Science in Preview Episode 226

Chunin’s Choice Test for the new original story Boruto: Naruto Next Generations This caused viewers to experience emotional battles, the latest of which was the confrontation between best friends Sarada and Chucho. In the fourth round, two Jenin will compete following an exact opposite philosophy.

Among the five expected battles in The first part of the final exam, Three is already over. Currently, the championship is led by ANBU Hoki, nekomata Wasabi, and Hokage Sarada Uchiha.

To confront each other, there are still four participants: Boruto, Denki, Mitsuki, and Tsubaki. With Naruto and Orochimaru’s children absent, she will be drawn Quarto Tour I am the heiress of Kaminari and the Ironland Samurai.

NileWatch Episode 226 From the anime series, shared by user @Abdul_S17 on Twitter, we see two young ninjas preparing to fight in the exact opposite direction. If Tsubaki prefers to fight with melee weapons, Denki intends to explore ninja science tools Establish, as required by regulations.

So, in the fourth round it will be A battle between the past and the futureBetween samurai and science! Will Denki, in an Internet outfit in the style of “Iron Man”, be able to defeat Kunoichi? We leave you with the challenge of the Boruto 225 Challenge and the conflict between best friends Sarada and Chocho.

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