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Samsung unveils new foldable screen concepts at CES 2022

a Samsung continues to evolve foldable screens, which may soon be available on new mobile phones and other devices sold at your nearest store. The brand has benefited from Consumer Electronic Exhibition 2022 (those) to showcase some of his latest concepts in this section.

At a technology fair in Las Vegas, the South Korean company revealed four prototypes developed using Flexible technology, as a concept Flex S. It consists of three foldable “S”-shaped panels, leaving plenty of screen space available when open, while also being able to be used on mobile phones, tablets and other devices.

With a slightly different approach than the previous one, the Flex G The three flexible panels keep the same, but fold inward. The pattern protects screens from scratches and impacts that can damage the device, making it extremely compact when stored.

These are new concepts Samsung foldable screens, shown in the video above, is still in development. At the moment, there is no confirmation that they will be released commercially, nor when that might happen.

Flex Note e Flex Sliding

In addition to foldable mobile phone models, the South Korean giant also released a concept of foldable notebook And CES 2022. nickname Note flexThe product consists of a huge foldable OLED screen that can be used in different ways depending on the needs of the moment.

Device (not to be confused with font Galaxy Note of mobile phones) with a physical keyboard, as part of the pad is used as a virtual keyboard, if folded. The space also doubles as a drawing area for a compatible pen or media console for editing, as well as being able to open fully to view videos on a larger screen.

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Unlike others, the Flex sliding is understandable scrollable screen Its retractable mechanism is somewhat similar to that of a cell phone Oppo Find X. The phone turns out to be seemingly traditional, gaining additional space on the side after turning on the technology.

When scrolled to the side, the screen provides more space for the user. In the demonstration video, the extra area that appeared as a tab was used to access the app’s shortcuts, but there are likely other functions that are configurable to it.