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Samsung anuncia o SmartSSD, que reduz o uso de CPU em 97%

Samsung announces SmartSSD that reduces CPU usage by 97%

The Samsung On Friday (22) he announced a very strange device. It is located around SmartSSDwho is reaching his second generation (I admit that I did not know the existence of the first). According to the South Korean giant, some of the advantages of the device are Reduce energy consumption by 70% it’s the CPU usage 97% Compared to a regular SSD. But how did he achieve this feat? come with me!

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SmartSSD has a special chip

The name “Smart SSD” is not in vain or just a marketing ploy. The device takes its name because it is equipped with a special processor. thus, It can process some data on its ownwithout relying entirely on the computer processor.

The respective processor is of the type FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Matrix). It is manufactured by Xilinx, which was purchased by My God In 2020. Therefore, the Samsung SmartSSD It came out of a South Korean partnership with AMD Xilinx.

FPGA processors can be programmed to perform very specific tasks. It has processing cores based on the ARM architecture. The SmartSSD chip is programmed to perform some types of processing. thus, No need to transfer most of the data to the CPU.

The result was amazing

Samsung SmartSSD

You, the reader of Hardware.com.br, probably already know the basic performance of computers. But I will explain briefly anyway. In order for a processor to be able to process data, it must be in constant contact with RAM And the storage unit (HD or SSD). Therefore, there is a very large flow of data on the roads connecting these components.

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However, even with a high-speed SSD connected to the bus BCI Express, you will have bottlenecks in the connection to the processor. This is where SmartSSD comes in. By processing the data on its own, it frees up the processor for other activities. The result is lower power consumption and higher computer speed..

To give you an idea, Samsung revealed that SmartSSD can:

  • Consume up to 70% less energy;
  • Reduce processing time for querying databases by up to 50%;
  • Reduce CPU usage by up to 97%.

SmartSSD is not for your nozzle

Samsung SmartSSD

I know you were excited about the possibility of purchasing SmartSSD. I’m excited too. But it is not for our comparison. It is not designed for normal computersbut for the machines you work with big data And the business intelligence.

This type of computer operates with an unreasonable amount of data and information. Unfortunately, Samsung has not released the technical specifications for its SmartSSD device.