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Samsung: An environmentally friendly remote control that charges Wi-Fi waves

Samsung: An environmentally friendly remote control that charges Wi-Fi waves

Not last Sunday (2), to Samsung Unveiled a new control for televisions that will make life easier for consumers. The company announced the new version of remote control Echo remote, accessory for TV sets from a promising South Korean brand Charge the battery with WiFi signal waves.

When it was released in 2021, Samsung revealed that the Eco Remote can be charged with solar energy or via USB-C . port. The device now also has technology that converts radio waves into battery power – using the signal from a Wi-Fi router as a source of radio waves.

This control is a wave…

Another novelty announced by the South Korean company is a Option in white to complement the design of televisions such as The Frame, Serif and Sero models; There is no release date for the new color yet. The design of the accessory remains similar, with recyclable materials, hotkeys, a button for using the microphone and the solar panel on the back.

Environmentally friendly remote controlsource: Samsung

By adopting the new technology, the company could save up to 99 million batteries that would have been disposed of over seven years, according to Company Estimates. The goal is to provide an environmentally friendly product that does not use the planet’s limited energies.

In fact, Samsung has also considered using kinetic technology to charge energy when the console is vibrating, and even vibration energy to charge it when the microphone is used. Anyway, at the moment radio waves are the focus of the new version of the Eco Remote.