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Salgado thanks Santa Claus for the SAF in Vasco and hears advice from a consultant: "What did you do?"  |  Vasco

Salgado thanks Santa Claus for the SAF in Vasco and hears advice from a consultant: “What did you do?” | Vasco

The opposition opened the meeting by asking the Speaker of Parliament four questions Basque. Then two more questions were opened to the opposition, two for the case and two for the Merit Council. In addition, under the rules set forth in the club’s bylaws, each advisor is entitled to speak for 10 minutes.

See below, point by point, a summary of what happened at the meeting:

Jorge Salgado was accused of mocking council member Claudette Joachim of the opposition group Semper Basque. As she was speaking, you could see the chief smiling.

The counselor said, “He asked me to respect him, but I never underestimated him. What I brought here were questions, and there was no contempt. I did not respect her, and now I see debauchery. Childish debauchery.”

Jorge Salgado, president of Vasco, has been accused of mocking councilman Claudette Joachim – Image: clone

Claudette opened her speech for 10 minutes, asking them not to normalize Basque In the second division, which, in her opinion, was being carried out by the current administration. He confronted Salgado over some campaign promises, such as investing in football. I asked, “What did you do?”

The fans suffer, and we naturally suffer when they lose a match or eventually when they lose a championship or title. But we’ve been suffering a lot for two decades, and every fall is more painful. Last year, in addition to the pain of relegation, we struggled to stay in the second division. This is unacceptable. What makes me indignant is the ease with which this forum deals with it. do not naturalize Basque Being in the second division is not normal Basque Being in the second division, it can’t be normal Basque Play in the second division and stay in the second division. You have no right to cause great suffering to the masses. This is the pain that I and millions of Vasco residents feel – she said in her speech.

In turn, Salgado responded as follows:

– I think sometimes you live in another world. The current real world is a world full of difficulties, a pandemic, and a world of a stadium without an audience. This pain you feel is not your own, I feel it too. Everyone in Vasco feels it. You’re giving a speech as if you were the one who’s in so much pain from your demotion. I want to remind you that the Basque Fell four times. the Basque Rating Downgraded When the budget was going to go up the following year, our rating was downgraded without the budget being raised, with debt exploding – Chief said Basque.

“So sometimes I feel like you are in another world, another galaxy. It is not possible to be within the current reality, and not keep track of what is happening on a daily basis. This pain you feel is no greater than the pain I feel,” he added.

“Santa Claus takes care of me”

In response to a question about plans to strengthen the Anonymous Football Association with BasqueSalgado noted that the pillars of his campaign were debt reduction and the increase in football resources. He emphasized that thanks to the Sudanese Armed Forces, this is likely to be possible.

– We open (the year) owe 120 million BRL. So SAF opens up a clear and undeniable perspective for you to be able to fight these problems, which are debt and resource creation for football. I consider myself a very lucky person. Because, in my campaign, the assumptions were to reduce indebtedness and create more resources for football. Santa Claus seems to be helping me, because there is a SAF that can bring me the resources to reduce my debt your facethe, if not to terminate the indebtedness. He said it gives me the resources to invest in football and become competitive again.

Jorge Salgado, SAF in Vasco: “Santa Claus seems to be taking care of me”

Lukau: ‘We got rid of the cost’

In the case of Lucão, who initially moved to Bragantino for free ( Basque (reserved 50% of the rights to a future sale), Jorge Salgado explained that the club had “eliminated the cost”.

– Lukau, in the evaluation of the football department in BasqueHe was the third choice for goalkeepers this year. The first option is Thiago, the second is Holes and Lukau will be the third choice. Therefore, he was practically playing quite a bit. Then there is a proposal from Bragantino in which Bragantino will take over the contractual responsibilities for the salary and will still give us 50% of the card in the event of a future negotiation. So we do not give this player for free. We have 50% of the lane. Therefore, in the Bragantino deal, which is today’s offer of being in the first class, we still receive 50% – explained the president.

He added, “We got rid of a player who was technically going to play less this year, we got rid of the cost of the salary and we benefit from a future deal.”

Jorge Salgado justifies the departure of Lucao do Vasco: "He will be the goalkeeper's third choice"

Jorge Salgado justifies the departure of Lucao do Vasco: “He would be the third goalkeeper’s choice”

Bruno Gomez: “He regrets it”

Regarding Bruno Gomez, who last week activated Basque In court demanding 2 million Brazilian riyals and the indirect termination of his contract, Salgado said he had spoken to the young midfielder and revealed that he intended to reach an agreement and withdraw the operation.

– Bruno has no suggestion to leave Basque. We were trying to negotiate with Inter for an exchange, we couldn’t do that. At some point, this negotiation stalled. I think Bruno’s entry to justice was more to force a situation than this exit. I spoke to Bruno recently, he’s ready to cut a deal, and he’s ready to withdraw his lawsuit in court. He wants to leave in peace Basque. He regrets taking this action in court. “Now we are waiting for a proposal to analyze and release the boy,” he said.

Jorge Salgado in Bruno Gomez: "We are waiting for the release proposal"

Jorge Salgado, on Bruno Gomez: “We are waiting for an offer to release him”

‘We lost access to the field’

Jorge Salgado spoke again about the campaign Basque In the second division last year, he said he believed the failure to seek access was due to problems on the field.

– A lot happened. Soccer has many surprises in store for you. Those who follow football are tired of seeing surprises happen. Recently, our opponent was eliminated with a ridiculous move, the player loses the ball, the opponent goes there and scores, shoots, spends and wins the Libertadores over a normal move. I think, in my humble opinion, we lost access this year in this area. We have not lost access off the field.

About women’s football, Those with late salaries and complaints about the lack of uniforms and foodJorge Salgado promised to restructure the sport “until the end of the term”.

– In terms of women’s soccer, I think it was the first year he’s been there Basque Participate in women’s football. I contacted Pretinha, due to budget constraints, to start with, I don’t count on them. But I still hope you come to women’s football. We are restructuring women’s football, and the entity wants strong women’s football. And I think by the end of the term we will achieve that. This year there has been progress in restructuring women’s football. To give you an idea, there was no women’s soccer BasqueThere was no board of directors to take care of the women’s section in Basque. We managed to assemble it.

George Salgado: "This was the first year that Vasco participated in women's football"

Jorge Salgado: “This was the first year that Vasco participated in women’s football”

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