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Salgado must lend money to pay salaries

Salgado must lend money to pay salaries

Near the club being transferred to SAF, Vasco faces a dilemma regarding the recruitment of players. Cruzmaltino still has no investment from 777 Partners.

Today, President Jorge Salgado did not lend money to Vasco in order to solve some immediate financial problems, and according to an investigation conducted by Papo na Colina, through journalist Ruan de Lima, the leader intends to provide loans again. This time it will be in order to pay the transfer ban imposed by FIFA, which prevents the club from registering new players, such as Alex Teixeira, who was recently appointed, and from potential signings.

In addition, the funds should also be used to recruit important players appointed by Vasco and 777 Partners, who in this window intended to make larger signings, however, given the judicial concern, must vote to approve the club’s switch to SAF, not allowing time until The transfer period is closed.

Salaries must also be paid with money borrowed from the president so that the club can keep up with its players.

Vasco also has money that should soon go into the club’s coffers relating to former Gigante da Colina player Talles Magno, who has reached the targets set in his New York City contract, as well as from Nathan, who was sold to Boa View from Portugal and has yet to be paid. .

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