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Saints, tickets and bracelets: items from 2008 become relics in Thiago Silva’s meeting with Fluminense |  Fluminense

Saints, tickets and bracelets: items from 2008 become relics in Thiago Silva’s meeting with Fluminense | Fluminense

Thiago Silva is presented by Fluminense at the Maracanã

There are many ways to preserve the memory of a special day. Photos and videos are probably the most popular. But in the event of a reunion with Thiago Silva Fluminense — the day fans have been waiting for for nearly 16 years — and the list is growing. Tricolores looked at the bottom of the trunk and remembered things from her farewell in 2008, such as tickets to Fluminense × Ipatinga, saints and cannon bracelets.

-I think it was a promise. genuinely. Marcelo came back, but he didn’t come back or say anything. There is no great idol Fluminense Besides, Thiago said, “I’ll be back.” Since he always had a very strong personality in the years he played, I believed him. He posted (on social media) his viewing of the match. I knew it would be difficult for him to come back because he is still playing at a high level. But only because he keeps watching, and tries to have this relationship even from afar, in the Premier League… – Designer Louisa Kohner, 33, told the report.

Fluminense vs. Ipatinga ticket was saved by fan Luisa Köhner, in farewell to Thiago Silva in 2008 – Photo: Bárbara Mendonça/ge

But the ticket managed to gain even more value with the signature of the number 3 shirt, which was obtained at the reception at Galeão Airport on Friday. For Luisa, this was another chapter in a relationship that began in 2006, with Thiago’s return to Brazil and his professional debut in the sport. Fluminense.

The fan kept a Fluminense x Ipatinga ticket from 2008 even after the print disappeared – Photo: Bárbara Mendonça/ge

Thiago Silva’s farewell in 2008, in Fluminense x Ipatinga, with the distribution of Saints – Photo: Bárbara Mendonça/ge

The Copa do Brasil (2007) was huge for the club, as it had been 23 years without a national title. Libertadores was decisive (the goal against Boca) and the competition as a whole. He is a defender who scores goals, but above all he is a defender. We owe him so much for the many moments he saved us. In the 2008 Copa Libertadores, he embodied the exhilaration, feeling and desire to get there and almost win it very well. It seems the story is not complete. I needed one final chapter, I needed to come back and close this cycle.

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When Thiago said goodbye, in 2008, he was a staff member Fluminense They distributed cards containing a photo, signature and text written by the defender in the Maracanã. Fan Carolina Fernandez Sobrinho, 30, kept this piece. He was afraid to take it to Show No. 3, but decided to attach new memories to a role already full of emotion.

Thiago Silva’s farewell in 2008, in Fluminense x Ipatinga, with the distribution of Saints – Photo: Bárbara Mendonça/ge

-I was with my father, brother and uncle to say goodbye. I remember I came home and said, “Mom, my uncle cried a lot. My dad was emotional.” That’s when it occurred to me that this was much bigger than I had imagined. I have never seen my uncle cry. My father is very serious. I was thrilled with Thiago Silva’s departure Fluminense. So I kept it. There was a lot of this relationship where you felt like he cared about the fans. I remember he was wearing his son’s shirt, with the baby on his lap. It’s that feeling of the part, he said, adding:

– Thiago’s arrival (in 2006) was already different. Thiago was in poor health and Fluminense charity. Thiago responded very quickly to that. He was always someone who played for us and represented us. And fans want just that: to see that there is someone who understands how we feel. (…) Thiago, sorry. Bill, I’m sorry. I take everything seriously. I was getting nervous asking, “Why isn’t he coming back?” We had a problem in our relationship, but now everything is fine. We are back, endless love.

Fan Carolina Fernandez Sobrinho with the Saint she has kept since the Fluminense and Ipatinga match in 2008, when she said goodbye to Thiago Silva – Photo: Personal Archive

Fluminense distributed bracelets to defender icon Thiago Silva, during a presentation at the Maracanã – Photo: Beatrice Pessoa/G

-I always felt like he would come back. When he left, I was 10 years old, and he was my first childhood idol. For me it was never goodbye, I was sure it was see you later. Today, 16 years later, I’m happy to see him wearing the tricolor again. I kept the wristband because it’s a token. It was always in my top drawer, when I was a kid, or a teenager. Today I finally got to use it again. The reason for joy. He added: “It was a gift from Sandro’s parents, and fortunately today we were able to go to the Maracanã together.”

Fan Nathan Carminati kept the bracelet that angered Thiago Silva at Fluminense in 2008 – Photo: Personal Archive

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