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SAF do Atlético-MG: debt, rule or football?  Find out how the contribution of R$ 200 million will be used |  Sports mg

SAF do Atlético-MG: debt, rule or football? Find out how the contribution of R$ 200 million will be used | Sports mg

Bruno Mozzi explains the fate of Atletico MG's new SAF contribution

We allocate the majority of this amount to debt reduction. We will take it to the administrative board so that it will be part of the use of the base, the acquisition of key athletes. We will also use it to implement part of the CT reform, which is increasing the CoE to Areas 5, 6 and 7. But this is all conveyed to the Board of Directors and discussed.

Federation President and Saudi Football Federation Board Member, Sergio Coelho, explained how investment will be made in the Gallo base and professional football.

The claim is to get part of the value and investment in the city of Gallo and in the purchase of key athletes, aged 14-15 years. We will submit this proposal to the Board of Directors. Most of it will go toward paying off debts. But, regardless of this contribution, we are paying attention, and we will work to strengthen the team whenever possible.

Bruno Mozzi; Deliberative Council meeting – Photo: João Viegas/Atlético MG

Expectations for new contributions

Atletico's SAF was implemented in the second half of 2023. At that time, the SAF split ratios were:

  • 67.9%: 2 rupees (Robbins and Rafael Menin)
  • 10.2%: Ricardo Guimarães
  • 10.9%: Vip Forcaro
  • 10.9%: Vega

Now the distribution of 75% of Gallo Holding Company is:

  • Rubens Menin and Raphael Menin – 41.8%
  • Ricardo Guimarães – 6.3%
  • Gallo Forte Vape – 20.2%
  • Vega – 6.7%

No change in daily life

Bruno Mozzi explained that the contribution does not change the daily operations of the club in any way. In this case, Daniel Forcaro will not participate in the decisions of the Football Committee, even if to a greater extent. He is still part of the board of directors. Furthermore, Sharjah Art Foundation believes that recognition opens the way for other investments.

-It's very dynamic. Every time someone talks to us looking for opportunities. This could happen. Going forward, we believe the value of SAF will increase. But that will be a decision by the committee, to see whether these talks develop, whether it's worth it, and at what point. At this moment, with debt continuing to rise, it is important (new investment).

Muzzi also discussed the amounts Galo owes and how to pay.

– We are still finalizing the numbers for 2023, but we already know that we have reduced debt by R$300 million. Debt has been reduced and we will reduce it further now.

Bruno Mozzi; Deliberative Council meeting – Photo: João Viegas / Atlético-MG

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