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Sabino's penalty kick in the Sport qualifiers causes a stir in the networks: "Instant Meme" |  sports

Sabino’s penalty kick in the Sport qualifiers causes a stir in the networks: “Instant Meme” | sports

Defender Sabino’s penalty kick in Sport’s ouster of Salgalero, Wednesday, in the quarter-finals of Pernambucano, caused an uproar on social media. Even better: It generates a lot of fuss and memes from netizens due to the strange way charging and, ultimately, the loss of purpose.

After a long delay of short steps to reach the ball, Sabino jumped up and kicked it out. Robro Negro is still losing again with Sander and fell on penalties to Carcara, who will play in the semi-finals with Retro.

Sabino before a charge turned into a meme on the networks – Photo: Aldo Carneiro / Pernambuco Press

Some netizens joked about the long time until the kick. Someone asked, “Has Sabino ever taken the penalty or is he still walking with the ball?” Another sports fan said she dreaded having nightmares and there are still people who have just managed to laugh at the move.

Sabino had a rough night at Ilha do Retiro. He missed Salgirou’s first goal in regular time, which ended with a score of 2-2, this is the second setback for the sport in four days – on Sunday, they lost the Copa do Nordest final to Fortaleza.

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