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Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman clarify doubts about Deadpool

Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman clarify doubts about Deadpool

today (28), Ryan Reynolds Post a new video with Hugh Jackmantaking advantage of the announcement of Wolverine’s return in Deadpool 3Next to the release date of the new movie. Posting on Reynolds’ Twitter, the duo cleared some skepticism about the news; paying off:

[Atenção, a nota contém leves spoilers do filme Logan, de 2017]

While the stars try to explain how Wolverine appeared Deadpool 3where the famous character of Jackman died in LoganAs of 2017, background music has dominated the video and cuts off the potential introduction to how the X-Men hero will appear in the new movie.

the film Deadpool 3 Won a promotional video with Ryan Reynolds And the Hugh Jackman In addition to confirming the date September 6, 2024. In the video, Reynolds talked about getting ready to play Marvel, and at the end of the video Jackman appears behind the scenes. Then Reynolds asks,Hey Hugh, do you want to play Wolverine again?It responds: “Yes, of course, Ryan.”.

the first dead list Posted by Tim Miller. The sequel, released in 2018, directed by David Leach.

deadpool 2 It overtook the original and was temporarily the highest-grossing film in the world. The record was broken in 2019 by jokerDirected by Todd Phillips.

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