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Russia summons the US ambassador and says there will be “consequences” after the Ukrainian attack in Crimea

Russia summons the US ambassador and says there will be “consequences” after the Ukrainian attack in Crimea

Moscow held the United States responsible for the bombing that killed four people on Sunday, saying that Ukraine could not carry out long-range missile attacks on its own.

Russian President Vladimir Putin

Photo: Sputnik/Pavel Birkin/The Kremlin

a Russia Charged this Monday, 24, the we He accused him of “killing Russian children” and threatened revenge the next day Ukrainian bombing of Crimea Implemented, in accordance MoscowWith American missiles. In response to the attack, the Russian Foreign Ministry also summoned the US ambassador to the Russian capital for consultations.

“It is clear that the United States’ participation in the fighting, its direct participation that leads to the deaths of Russian citizens, must have consequences,” said Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov, who asked reporters to ask questions about Europe and Europe. The United States: “Why are their governments killing Russian children?”

According to Moscow Ukraine It cannot carry out attacks with long-range ATACMS missiles alone, such as the one used on Sunday, January 23 in Crimea, as experts, technology and data from US intelligence are needed.

He added: “The ambassador was informed that such actions by Washington (…) by allowing attacks inside Russian territory will not go unpunished.”

For Ukraine, military targets in Crimea and inside Russia are legitimate, especially since Ukrainian forces are under pressure on the front due to the shortage of men and weapons that Kiev is experiencing./AFP and AP.

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