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Rumor: Microsoft is working on a streaming TV device

Rumor: Microsoft is working on a streaming TV device

According to the information in Venture houseMicrosoft may be working on ways to bring streaming to TV as part of the Everywhere initiative (which was responsible for bringing Fortnite to Xbox Cloud Gaming).

The article reveals that in the next 12 months, Xbox will make a streaming device available to TVs — to get a more realistic idea, it should be something similar to the Amazon First Stick.

With this device, you will not only be able to access series and movie services, but you will also be able to access the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate game library.

However, the process will be much easier for those who own a Samsung brand TV. The article notes that Microsoft is working closely with Samsung to create an Xbox game streaming app for its TVs, which will also arrive in the next 12 months.

Of course, none of this has been confirmed by Microsoft or any of its stakeholders, so be careful with your expectations. In any case, Microsoft’s investment in the cloud has been very public, which gives some validity to this rumor.

This will definitely be a good alternative for those who want to enjoy the games in Game Pass in an economical way, without necessarily having to buy a console.

Do you think this is a good initiative on Microsoft’s part?

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