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Rumor has it that Chromecast with Google TV should win a new, more powerful model

Rumor has it that Chromecast with Google TV should win a new, more powerful model

The Google team is working on a file Chromecast new version with Google TV. According to the people who have access to the search giant’s plans, The original model was released in 2020 Old and the search giant started noticing some negative comments.

This is because the specifications no longer meet the general demand and the biggest problem today is the internal storage. In addition to the conversations going on behind the scenes, 9to5Google was able to locate a device codenamed Boreal in the APK file of the Google TV app.

The Boreal codename is found in the same folder as Sabrina, which was the name of the current Chromecast with Google TV.

At the moment, there is only a code name for this new device. Therefore, technical specifications and major improvements are not yet known. According to rumors, there are chances for this new Chromecast It will be released in the second half of this year.

Google can release the new dongle without killing the original one. That’s because the company can massively ship the new device so that it has more storage space, hardware decoding to AV1 format and also a more powerful processor.

Apparently, the new Chromecast’s proposal could be to offer a more premium and complete experience to demanding users. In this case, the The device will compete with the Nvidia Shield line nor more With the Amazon Fire TV family.

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