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Created by: Mark Kolbe, Mark Kolbe |  Credit: Getty Images Copyright: 2022 Getty Images

Rugby: England player suspended after cursing Queen Elizabeth | Fans

Credit: Created by: Mark Kolbe, Mark Kolbe | Credit: Getty Images Copyright: 2022 Getty Images

Caitlin Moran is a National Rugby League (NRL) player in Australia and was suspended after insulting Queen Elizabeth II. The monarch, who died on the 8th in the United Kingdom aged 96, was head of the Commonwealth of Nations, which included Australia, see details.

Suspension in rugby

The athlete deleted the message, but it was too late. The post was seen by others and reached the ears of league officials, who punished it. The penalty was imposed for off-field conduct in the Australian league.

On her Twitter, Caitlin Moran said: “Good morning, Uncle Luke (referring to American country singer Luke Coombs) announcing his tour, this dumb f*** is dead. Happy B*** Friday.

In an official statement, the NRL justified the punishment and suspension with a statement: “Rugby league is an inclusive sport with strong and proud relationships with many communities. Regardless of any personal views, all players and officials must adhere to the professional standards expected of them, and the public comments made by the player on this occasion are damaging to the game. have caused

In addition to the suspension, the NRL also established that the rugby player must undertake a social media use course before being released back onto the pitch. The penalty should be 25% of your time on the field.

The technician comes to the rescue

Rugby player Ronald Griffiths’ coach came to his athlete’s defence, saying: “The relationship between Aboriginal people and the monarchy is very complicated. If Caitlin had done anything serious it would have been investigated by the Co-ordinating Unit, but we will work through the process. We are a little negative because of what happened to Caitlin, but where she is from. We knew it was coming, she won the World Cup in 2017 (…)”.

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