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Rueda details more upbeat business for each season compared to 2021 and sends a message: 'I should never have left'

Rueda details more upbeat business for each season compared to 2021 and sends a message: ‘I should never have left’


Presidente do Peixe addressed the fans of Santástico and asked for it

Photo: Pedro Ernesto Guerra Azevedo / Santos
Photo: Pedro Ernesto Guerra Azevedo / Santos

Santastico fans received the arrival of 2022 with the hope that the days will be better and more positive at Villa Belmiro. For this to happen, it is enough for the club to be able to compete in the tournaments in which Bixe competes. As the first chapter of the year, Andres Rueda, president of Alfinegro Praiano, sent a message to the fans and spoke of the work the club is doing for a better season for Santos.

“To the fan, the word is patience! Always keep in mind that the management is working tirelessly for the good of the club in every way, financially and in football,” said Rueda, referring to the optimistic looks compared to what it was in 2021, when the agent took over the management of the villa. .

“Our goal is to increasingly raise the Santos name to the top, as the Santos name should never have left. 2022, for sure, will be better than 2021 and worse than 2023, because every year we will improve more,” the president stated. Indeed, Santos’ season presented complex challenges, for the management, the battle centered on the pursuit of balance in the accounts, already on the field, and the battle was not to become a reality in Brazil.

So far, Santos has only announced the appointment of midfielder Bruno Oliveira, but they are negotiating the appointments of defender Eduardo Bowermann and midfielder Nathan. On the latter, to persuade Atlético-MG to release Nathan, Rueda offered one million riyals on loan. In addition, Nicola said that the Santos agent volunteered to pay 100% of the athlete’s salary. With that said, Peixe must win the player battle, which teams such as Fluminense, América and Fortaleza have also been coveting.

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