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Romanian truck drivers dissatisfied with taxes plan to move to the UK

Romanian truck drivers dissatisfied with taxes plan to move to the UK

For 32-year-old Romanian truck driver Nicola, driver shortage is a crisis United Kingdom It may be that he needs to keep his business small.

The shortage of about 100,000 truck drivers in the United Kingdom is due to the exodus of workers from the sector. Brexit And yes International spread, Has wreaked havoc on supply chains, and gas stations in cities across the country are drying up.

In response, the British government plans to issue temporary visas to 5,000 foreign truck drivers and use the army to drive tankers to make up the shortfall.

“The offer from the British is attractive,” said Nicole, who owns three trucks. Tax Accepted in the daily allotment of Romanian drivers.

“For me, taxing our daily allocation is bankrupt because transportation-related profits are very modest,” he said. “The UK is an option … the revenue there is very high.”

This Wednesday (29th), Nicole and about 100 other truck drivers parked their vehicles in front of government buildings in Bucharest Victory Square and blew their horns in protest of city guidance tax and skyrocketing prices. Safe Is mandatory.

Earlier this year, Romania’s tax regulator decided to pioneer the provision of daily lorries as taxable income and to pioneer the provisions of transport companies within five years.

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