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Roger Guedes' friendship with Fabio Santos becomes Corinthians' trump card in negotiations |  Corinthians

Roger Guedes’ friendship with Fabio Santos becomes Corinthians’ trump card in negotiations | Corinthians

The player is now 24 years old and has Fabio Santos, 35, one of the greatest friends in football.. The two played together for Atlético-MG in 2018, and since then, they’ve kept in touch. So, the veteran has already spoken to his friend to help him persuade – something that works well.

Their friendship began in a strange way. When Roger Guedes was loaned by Palmeiras to Gallo, Fabio Santos contacted some players from Alfeverde who knew the player in early 2017 to 2018, but only heard bad signals.

So, on the first day of pre-season 2018, Fabio spoke with Roger Guedes, who was 20 years old, and gave him advice on his best position to change his image. A partnership was born there.

Fabio Santos, in the background, watches Roger Geddes train for Atlético-MG in 2018 – Photo: Bruno Cantini

However, during his time at Gallo, Roger Guedes got involved in some controversies by claiming to be substituted by coach Thiago Largue against Figueirense, in a Copa do Brasil match, and fighting with teammate Thomas Andrade during training.

The player was about to be removed from the team. The decision was made even by director Alexander Gallo, but Palmeiras refused to return it. At the same time, Fabio Santos and other team leaders, such as defensive midfielder Elias, reversed the situation, asking him for a new opportunity.

Roger is a good boy. A boy sometimes gets upset about leaving the team because he doesn’t play and sometimes ends up fighting in training. I’ve had these same rebellious shortcomings, you have to speak up. He’s a guy who needs more attention, and a lot of talent is wasted. We, the experienced, should provide support – Fabio said, at the time.

This year, while participating in ESPN’s “Review,” Fábio Santos spoke about the contact he’s had with the player in recent years.

Fabio Santos and Roger Guedes celebrate Ricardo Oliveira’s goal for Atletico – Photo: Bruno Cantini/Atletico MG

Roger Geddes is one of the kids I have in football. A friend I made in the football world, from the very beginning we had been cooperating well at Atlético-MG. The full-back said he has the talent to play for the Brazilian national team, and every time he comes to Brazil we try to find each other.

In three seasons in China, Roger Geddes scored 27 goals in 52 official matches. Last season, they had their best goal average, scoring 12 goals in 17 games (0.70 per game). He has not entered the field since December 19 last year. In 2020, he was the champion of the China Cup, with six goals in six matches. He was chosen as the best player in the competition.

Revealed by Criciúma, he arrived at Palmeiras in 2016 and was the Brazilian champion that season. In 2018, he was loaned to Atlético-MG, where he scored 13 goals in 28 matches. Roger was sold in July of that year to Shandong for 9.5 million euros (43 million Rls at the time).

Last week, Corinthians signed midfielder Giuliano and are also seeking the return of Renato Augusto, another player trying to leave China.

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