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Roger Flores reprimanded by Globo after gossip about Flamengo backstage TV News

Roger Flores reprimanded by Globo after gossip about Flamengo backstage TV News

Esporte da Globo has caught the attention of former player Roger Flores And he gave him recognition due to a comment made last Sunday (22) in the broadcast of Ceará 1 × 1 Flamengo, for the 17th round of the Brazilian championship. Roger said “with the feeling” that the Robro Negro club’s board of directors would have ordered Renato Gaucho not to put Pedro on the field, which the coach denied.

The uproar happened because the Flamengo vetoed Pedro to go to the Tokyo Olympics. The club claimed that they paid a lot of money to the striker and that he is important. Seeing the photo of Pedro making a negative face on the team’s bench during the broadcast against Ciara, Roger said, without any confirmation, that there was a “order from above” to Renato Gaucho not to use the player too much.

The case sparked outrage on social networks and with Flamengo fans. At the press conference after Sunday’s draw (22), Renato Gaucho responded to Flores’ speech and denied any influence from above. “I think it’s even funny,” the former player said. “Roger was a great player, he’s a great commentator, I have a lot of admiration for him, but his feeling was totally wrong this time… Think about it!”

Since last Monday (23), The Chiefs at Globo talk to Roger Flores to talk about the case. NS the news I found that the station asked the commentator to avoid saying something on this line again and to consider what he said on the air, for the great repercussions of the station’s broadcast.

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If Roger Flores did not have evidence of what was going on behind the scenes, the impression he formed on Pedro could not be said in the air, since it would be a conclusion. For Globo, analysis of this type can only be carried out if there are reliable sources or information that supports this information.

Globo flamingo is afraid

Another point that Globo is afraid of is the strength of the Flamengo. The country’s most popular team usually does not spare the conclusions of journalists on television shows but sues broadcasters, in addition to often claiming rights of reply.

Recently, the club reacted strongly to a slip from Marcelo Barreto, who said the club is not a fan of Olympic sports. Flamengo is home to many Olympic medalists, such as Rebecca Andrade and Isaquias Queiroz. Pareto later had to apologize.

Globo decided not to punish Roger Flores, but to warn him behind the scenes. So much so that the former Fluminense player for broadcasting Grêmio x Flamengo, was selected for the Copa do Brasil quarterfinals. The match will be broadcast on Wednesday (25th) from 9:30 pm.

Roger will be with Luis RobertoJunior, Sandro Mira Ricci, Fernando Becker and Leonardo Muller. Globo will show the entire Brazil match, with the exception of Sao Paulo and Ciara, which will accompany Sao Paulo x Fortaleza.