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Rodrigo Farrow gets Dylan Bezerra's face tattooed |  the television

Rodrigo Farrow gets Dylan Bezerra’s face tattooed | the television

Presenter Rodrigo Farrow surprised digital influencer Dylan Bezerra with a somewhat bizarre tribute to MC Kevin’s widow. In “Hora do Faro” broadcast on Sunday afternoon (9), The caller surprised the lawyer by placing a fake Deolane’s face tattoo on her arm. Faro also took a sound car and declared love to DJ.

“I praised you. Didn’t you see something different in me? The honor is complete.”, he began by saying that the Record TV presenter is showing a fake tattoo on his arm. “Guys, what is this? It’s a lie, right? It just could! Guys, I had a lot of tattoos”, she enthusiastically responded to the lawyer with honors and made a proposal to her mother to get a similar tattoo:

“Look how beautiful, I’m so hot, Brazil! Look at that harmonious face”, famous commented. Rodrigo Farrow did not miss the opportunity to mock the situation: “Look what an incredible coordination. I can’t say anything either because, in a little while, I’ll be smiling like that, I’m so elongated”Eder Macedo station reporter joked.

Upon arriving at the Deolane Bezerra Palace worth R$11 million, Rodrigo Farrow appeared in an intact car and declared his love for the influencer: Hello, here we are in front of her house, the blown mom. I have a few sentences here for you, Dr. Dylan. Pay attention and listen with your heart. Dr. Deolan, you’re not a broken GPS, but you’re leaving me aimless, you’re beautiful.”.

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The presenter followed him up with humorous love phrases:How many people wouldn’t want to tell her that? My pleasure, my name is coffee, because I’m dying to keep you up all night”, it is worth noting that Dylan Bezera was forced to move out of her old apartment after the neighbors complained of several fans who made noise at the door of the famous former condominium of several honors.

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Digital influencer Deolane Bezerra continues to invest heavily in her music career. In December, the widow of singer MC Kevin She released a music video with her sisters, Diane Bezerra and Danielle Bezerra. The funk song “Quem Paga Sou Eu” is a partnership with DJ Alle Mark and has already amassed nearly 300,000 views in just over 7 hours after its debut.

On social networks, the lack of bragging about the doctor led to talk among netizens, and Deolane Bezerra ended up becoming a joke on the web: “Okay, but have you seen Deolin’s new song with her sisters??? KKKKKKK, what a horror show”, one netizen wrote on his Twitter profile. “Shame on Dylan’s song with her sisters Rahma”, Post announced. “Someone should seriously stop Deolane,” Another user on the same social network said.

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