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Rod Stewart wants to leave rock and roll behind with a new swing album

Rod Stewart wants to leave rock and roll behind with a new swing album

Rod Stewart He stated that he wanted to leave rock and roll behind. The 78-year-old artist, one of the biggest names in the genre, wants to move in a new direction and make another kind of music.

“It all has to end sooner or later,” Stewart said in an interview with radio presenter Charlie Stay on the BBC Breakfast show, which was broadcast on Friday (9).

The statement came after the broadcaster said rock stars are acting at incredible ages today. “I’m actually taking a break. I’m not retiring, but I want to move on… I had a huge hit with The Great American Songbook and I just did a swing album with Jools Holland, which comes out after that year, so I want to keep the trend going.”

The artist’s album with pianist Jules Holland is set to be released after Stewart’s summer tour, which kicks off in Plymouth, England, on June 24, featuring Boy George and the Culture Club.

“So I just want to put all the rock and roll music behind me, for a while maybe…” said the singer, who has achieved six number one UK hits, including Baby Jane and Maggie May.

But, rock and roll will still be present at Rod Stewart’s show in Brazil on September 30th. The musician shares the stage with Ivete Sangalo at Allianz Parque, in São Paulo. The show is part of the “Legends in Concert” series, by Move Concert, which aims to bring together great artists on the same stage.

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