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A Rockstar Games começou a tentar derrubar páginas de fãs como a Rockstar Intel que comentam notícias dos jogos da produtora.

Rockstar Games confirms a new generation open world game

a rock games Just confirmed that it is producing a next-generation open world game, the news is provided by the official profile of LinkedInWhere the product registered 93 job opportunities.

More than 90 job vacancies are listed today, August 21 alone, however, the job that attracts the most attention is job opening Animation systems programmer employment Rockstar San Diego, where it says that rock games Produces a new open world game.

We develop animation technology, from performance capture to a cutting edge runtime engine, for massive open world games.

In the same post, it was mentioned that this open world game will be released on new generation devices, in other words, PlayStation 5And Xbox S NS Xbox Xbox X.

We are a global team of programmers and researchers collaborating to push the boundaries of character animation on next-generation devices.

With these job openings posted today, we are still a long way from announcing the game, however, Rockstar San Diego Known for engine development Anger, helping other studios to develop and also by Red Dead Redemption 2.

Briefly, Red Dead Redemption 3 where GTA 6 Must be in development in studios rock games.

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Source: Linkedin Rockstar Games

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