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Rocha: Flamengo's mistake in the Brazilians is not a mixed team, but the mentality - 09/26/2021

Rocha: Flamengo’s mistake in the Brazilians is not a mixed team, but the mentality – 09/26/2021

Between Flamengo, Palmeiras and Atlético Mineiro, it was Renato Gaucho’s side that saved the most defending champions in the Brazilian national round before the Libertadores semi-final decision.

Since the red-black team had more specific nicknames, the absences could have been better defined. There were eight players: Diego Alves, Isla, David Luiz, Everton Ribeiro, and Gabigol, everything is spared. They didn’t even travel to Belo Horizonte to face America. Rodrigo Caillou has been suspended. Filipe Luis and de Arrascaeta prepare to return on Wednesday against Barcelona in Guayaquil.

Yes, the team with the most easy match had, facing Gallo Sao Paulo in Morumbi and playing Palmeiras in the derby. Corinthians in Itaquera. This needs to be weighed.

Considering that Flamengo are only playing in the second semi-final of the continental tournament in the current format, with a knockout since the round of 16, it is a historic match for the club and requires special care. More so in a junior team with an average age of over 30 years.

The point is that there are symbolic acts that convey without words to the group that the game before the decision is much less important in the season. The chance of winning an unprecedented Brazilian championship three times for the club is not a priority for the coach.

Like, for example, the rescued athletes did not even travel with the group. Sit on the bench for any need. Arrascaeta asked to participate at least for a few minutes, but was refused.

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In a match at 11am, which is already changing logistics and eroding by overheating, what mobilization is possible for players? Reservists understand that conflict is a trap, to be fulfilled 90 minutes of commitment.

This was the impression during most of the 90 minutes in Independence. With the only difference being the natural spirit mode of the players. Like the abyss between Vetino and Michael regarding childbirth. The first, indifferent, contributed little and delayed some counterattacks. The second fought all the time, dribbled from right to left with the help of Pedro when he didn’t touch the ball, and scored a superb goal that looked like a victory.

But there was an issue that was not addressed during the match. Rene played almost alone on the left without the ball, in the face of Ademir, Patrick and Juninho, the strong side of Wagner Mancini 4-2-3-1. Because Bruno Henrique doesn’t come back often to be the quick escape for offensive shifts. With the midfielder on the other side – Vetinho, in this case, due to Everton Ribeiro’s absence – it is the player who comes back the most to re-form, it is up to one of the midfielders, ahead of Willian Arau 4-1-4-1, to help the left side in reconfiguration. Diego or Thiago Maya.

During the break for hydration in the first half, Renato asked Rene, “Do you have a good leg?” The answer: “Yes, but I’m alone there!” The coach demanded attention from the sixth jersey, but did not correct the positioning of the second row.

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Renee sacrificed the entire game. And Renato did not replace him. He preferred resting Arau and Bruno Henrique, giving minutes to Lazaro, Kennedy, Andreas Pereira… Rodini entered Matizinho’s vacant place, injured. But Ramon remained on the bench.

In injury time, after a goal that looked like a red-and-black victory, the left-back lost a midfield dispute, the ball was reversed, and a cross from the left found Alè free. Because Rene didn’t have the strength to go up and head. Player failed? Clear. But the coach saw an athlete who had recently returned from a long period of recovery who had infected Covid in this burdensome process and did nothing to solve the problem.

Paid with a tie. You lose two points that can get you closer to Chief Gallo. The question is whether Renato is really interested in the result. Just as it is difficult to predict what the owners will produce in the same context.

Because Fla’s real mistake in dealing with the Brazilian is not the expansion of the mixed team, or the individual and collective failure. It is the mentality that comes from Renato Gaucho and pollutes everyone. At first risky, then give up the competition. And the tendency to swallow for success in cups. Is it worth it?