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Robson Bamboo has defensive numbers and makes his debut well for Corinthians in a victory

Robson Bamboo has defensive numbers and makes his debut well for Corinthians in a victory

a Corinthians beat Novorzontino 1-0 This Sunday afternoon. It was a very special match for defender Robson Bamboo who played his part The first match with Alfingra shirt after two months of contracting.

Starred by Vitor Pereira, Timão’s No. 3 played the first safe match and was one of the highlights of Parque São Jorge club. According to the application sofascoreThe defender got 7.8 points.

Playing on the right side of the Corinthians defence, with Raul Gustavo on the left, Bambo played well with and without the ball. The defender managed to make seven cuts and also repels two shots from Novorzontino.

With the ball at his feet, the defender was important to the Alfinegro team to get the ball out. In all, 94 passes were attempted with an accuracy of 93%, as he managed to complete 87. In addition, he shot ten long balls in 13 attempts which equates to a success rate of 77%.

Perhaps with Bamboo among the reserves, Corinthians will return to the field on Thursday. At 19:00, he receives Timão Guarani at the Neo Química Arena, in one match of the Paulista Championship quarter-finals.

Robson Bambu’s debut took a while due to off-court controversy. At the beginning of February, still at the beginning of his tenure at the club, The player was accused by a 25-year-old woman of raping a weak person. The The Civil Police of Sao Paulo has completed the investigation of the case. Now, it is up to the prosecutor’s office to decide the case: file a complaint or file it.

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Despite this, Corinthians stated, via an official note, that they would not comment on the matter “until all facts have been clarified by investigation.” As if personal arguing wasn’t enough, Bamboo has also annoyed Corinthians staff because of the delay in training. In the midst of it all, the The defender is registered by the club at Campeonato Paulista.

Watch Robson Bamboo’s numbers in his debut

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