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Roberto Carlos says goodbye in a Rio newspaper

Roberto Carlos says goodbye in a Rio newspaper

Singer Roberto Carlos arrived around 5pm today to attend his friend’s funeral Erasmo Carlos, who passed away yesterday at the age of 81🇧🇷 The party is dedicated to family and friends at Memorial do Carmo, in the Caju neighborhood, in Rio de Janeiro.

In a light blue T-shirt and white pants, the singer greeted fans who were at the door of the crematorium and vertical do Carmo memorial cemetery.

“My pain is so great, I don’t even know how to say everything I think about my dear friend, my older brother. My idol for everything, for his loyalty, his intelligence and his kindness, for everything I know,” Roberto Carlos said yesterday, in an Instagram post.

Earlier, Fernanda Passos, widow of Erasmo Carlos, was comforted by Leo Esteves, son of the singer, at the farewell party. In the photo, Fernanda is shown crying a lot when she hugs Leo.

Yesterday, the family of Erasmo Carlos, the singer’s band and Hospital Barra DOr released a joint note with more details about the artist’s health.

Erasmo has been hospitalized since November 2, in Rio, with panniculitis as a result of an infection.

Erasmo Carlos dies at the age of 81; Remember your story