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RMP: "Renato Gaúcho swallowed Felipão tactically" - 08/26/2021

RMP: “Renato Gaúcho swallowed Felipão tactically” – 08/26/2021

Flamengo left its standings in the semi-finals of the Brazilian Copa which is in full swing. This Wednesday (25th), The red and black team crushed Grêmio 4-0 In Porto Alegre, even playing with one less during the entire second half. By the way, the four goals of the Javea team came in the final stage.

No end of chat, live broadcast for the post UOL Sports – With journalists Vinicius Mesquita, Renato Mauricio Prado, Marlucci Martins and Jose Trajano – commentators analyzed the defeat of Flamengo and praised the decisions made by coach Renato Gaucho, who won his meeting with the team again. Syndicate.

“Today, Felipão showed a cruel incompetence in his career. He was level and with another player, having made the first half better than Flamengo, he was not able to arm Grêmio to take advantage of this advantage and continue to crush Flamengo. Renato moved okay, but at 45 Minute he didn’t find a solution to neutralize Fla’s counterattack and improve his attack? Renato Gaucho swallowed Filipao tactically. It’s a great feat to be remembered for a long time.” Renato

For Marluci, the red and black presentation at Porto Alegre counts the team as a strong candidate for the title. “I think the hero drew today [ontem]. I am very impressed with the strength and determination of this Flamengo team. I was impressed by this desire to win, this transgression that the team showed in the second half.”

With Isla sent off in the first half, Renato thought Flamengo would be more concerned about defending himself. This is not what happened. “Renato Gaucho took out Diego and put Thiago Maya in a good substitution. On the other hand, he took Arascaeta and put on Mazuzinho. I said: I went crazy.”, surprised the columnist.

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Marlucci highlighted the ability of Javea’s team to draw strength from adversity. He said, “It was a result based exclusively on 45 minutes of the second stage. The first half was another match, and I think it was Gremio’s best performance under Filipao.”

For Renato, the Flamengo coach was worthy when he brought the team back from the break. “Grémio put in a great first half, stunned Flamengo by taking the lead in the match. Everyone thought it would be the other way around, as Grêmio closed in trying to get a deep ball. Renato stunned Flamengo at the start of the second half. Flamengo left for the match. Until I scored 1-0 I had created some chances to score.”

Trajano considers the defeat of the Flamengo recorded in history. “This 4-0 win goes to the list of the most incredible matches of recent times in the world football Brazilian. Through the scoreboard, a team with ten in the opponent’s field, beautiful goals, created and scored by players who are not always the ones to do that.”

Renato agrees. “It’s a game that we have to go down in history. Flamengo may not even win the Brazilian Cup, but they do what they did, inside the opponent’s court, without a single player and in an overwhelming way…” He arrived inside the area with the ball and without Arasquita.