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Riot with armed prisoners at UK migrant centre

“There has been a power outage at the Harmondsworth Immigration Detention Center located near London Heathrow Airport. The issue is being resolved. We are aware of the power outage at the centre, the relevant authorities have been informed and we have attended the spot,” he said. Ministry.

According to AFP, the prisoners left the cells for the courtyard, holding various weapons, according to various local media, which indicated that no prisoners left the compound and no one was injured.

The incident comes after an already troubled week for the British government, with pressure on management of migrant arrivals and revelations about the Manston reception center where more than 4,000 people were being held for 1,600 seats.

Additionally, a man threw incendiary devices at another detention center near Dover and was later found dead.

The document is sensitive to the Conservatives in power, who have promised that ‘Brexit’ will allow them to better control borders.

Foreign Secretary Suella Braverman sparked controversy earlier this week in Parliament when she called the flow of migrants arriving in the UK in small boats an “invasion”.

Braverman questioned the true motives of the Albanians who came to the UK, raising objections from the opposition, the UN and the Albanian government.

According to the latest data, around 40,000 people have crossed the English Channel to the UK since the start of the year, including 12,000 Albanians, a ‘record’.