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Rio wants to leave the legacy of SUS for the post-pandemic period;  Hospital to have a rehabilitation center for the treatment of sequelae of the disease |  Rio de Janeiro

Rio wants to leave the legacy of SUS for the post-pandemic period; Hospital to have a rehabilitation center for the treatment of sequelae of the disease | Rio de Janeiro

Nearly two years after the start of the Covid pandemic, the Municipal Health Network is preparing to manage a legacy Unique Health System.

A rehabilitation center for patients with post-Covid consequences is scheduled to open in the hospital, which has been a reference for the treatment of the disease in the municipality.

In the first chapter of the series SUS . Challenges, from this Thursday (4), in RJ1 portThe report showed that due to the pandemic, 561 jobs have been placed in the intensive care units specialized in Covid, and 280 in Ronaldo Gasola Hospital, in Akari, in the northern region.

“We come up with a proposal for an integrated rehabilitation, working with various medical and non-medical specialties, as we try to treat the patient as a whole,” said a doctor in the unit.

Intensive care units in municipal hospitals:

  • Miguel Cotto – 10
  • Lourenço Jorge – 13
  • Souza Aguiar – 42
  • Salgado Filho – 21
  • Albert Schweitzer – 70
  • Pedro II – 34
  • Rocha Faria – 16
  • Mercy – 10
  • Evandro Freire – 30
  • CER Leblon – 35
  • Ronaldo Gasola – 280

For the post-pandemic period and the treatment of other diseases, the municipal health minister, Daniel Sorans, has warned of the importance of not losing this family.

Ronaldo Gasola Hospital will be the backup for hospitals across the network and also for emergencies. The challenge for the teams is to reduce the lines with surgeries such as Gallbladder, hernia and thyroid. The operating room was expanded from five to nine rooms.

Health in Rio: 357,000 people line up in Sisrig for consultations and exams

Today, there are 198 thousand people in line Single Regulating System (SYSRIG). After orthopedic surgery, the longest queues for consultations are for gallbladder, hernia, urology, reconstructive surgery, and glaucoma. Waiting lists have grown in recent months.

The waiting time for the first glaucoma treatment appointment is 734 days, more than two years.

Consultation with a rheumatologist takes 1 year and 2 months (421 days).

The waiting lists for tests are also huge: to get a venous Doppler, the patient will have to wait more than seven months. An endoscopy examination takes approximately six months.

SISREG queue in Rio – Photo: Reproduction / TV Globo

family health problems

Family Health Clinic in Baixada Fluminense, RJ – Photo: TÂNIA REGO / AGÊNCIA BRASIL

The municipality’s coverage is 62% in the Family Health Network, with 236 clinics. However, many teams are incomplete, which makes it difficult to serve residents.

In Padre Miguel Western District, there are five health teams and one family doctor who doesn’t come every day.

“Thirty percent of teams do not have doctors, and polyclinics do not have specialists. The money must be well spent now,” warned Paulo Pinheiro, head of the Health Committee of the Rio Chamber, Paulo Pinheiro (PSOL).

In 2022, the health budget will be 37% higher: it will increase from R$ 6.5 billion to R$ 8.9 billion. All hospitals will receive more resources.

Minister Daniel Sorans says he will be able to restructure the family health teams and polyclinics, create new units, put services into the private network, and increase access to SUS:

“Many diseases have been neglected during this period, so we have a very big responsibility for procedures, exams and surgeries in all units and we need to work. Perhaps the biggest challenge in this period with the decline of Covid-19 cases, is that we can speed up the treatment of other diseases that need To the functioning of the unified health system, to function properly. ”

The health coordination in the Pango and Pader Miguel regions said in a statement that it is working to reorganize the missing teams and improve care. This is in the phase of contracting with human resources.

According to the Health Coordination, the municipal center of Padre Miguel has three doctors and seven nurses.